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<ul><li> 1. Universidade Aberta<br />Pedagogia do E Learning<br />Processos Pedaggicos em E-Learning<br />Online TeachingTechniques<br />Realizado por:<br />Manuel Pimentel<br />2009/2010<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Online TeachingTechniques<br />An Pedagogical Technique is way to present material to be learned andreachthe teaching objectives.<br /> 3. Online TeachingTechniques<br />Many-to-many<br />TeachingTechniques<br />One-to-one<br />One-alone<br />One-to-many<br /> 4. Online TeachingTechniques<br />One-to-one<br />ThisTeachingTechniques are caractererizedby a individualizedteachingandlearnig. Thistechniquecanbeconducted via e-mail, for example.<br /> 5. Online TeachingTechniques<br />One-to-one<br /></p> <ul><li>Learningcontracts 6. Apprenticeships 7. Internships 8. Correspondencestudies</li></ul><p>Online TeachingTechniques<br />Many-to-many<br />This Teaching Techniques is caractererized by the participation of all the people envolved in the interation. This technique can be organized within computer conferencing systems and distribution lists e-mail, for example.<br /> 9. Online TeachingTechniques<br />Many-to-many<br /></p> <ul><li> Debates 10. Simulationsor Games 11.Role Plays 12.Case Studies 13. DiscussionGroups 14. TranscriptBasedAssignment 15. Brainstormings 16. Delphi Techniques 17. Nominal GroupTechniques 18. Foruns 19. Project Groups</li></ul><p>Online TeachingTechniques<br />One-alone<br />This Teaching Techniques is caractererized by retrieval of information from online resources. In this technique the student can perform the learning task without communication with the teacher or other students, because dont require much interaction. <br /> 20. Online TeachingTechniques<br />One-alone<br /></p> <ul><li> Online Databases 21.Online Journals 22.Online Applications 23.Software Libraries 24.Online InterestGroups 25. Interviews</li></ul><p>Software Libraries<br /> 26. Online TeachingTechniques<br />One-to-many<br />This Teaching Techniques is caractererized by one or more individual experts or by interacting experts. The learners are usually not inveted to take part in the interaction, the communication is conduted for example by a conference. <br /> 27. Online TeachingTechniques<br />One-to-many<br /></p> <ul><li>Lectures 28. Symposiuns 29. Skits</li></ul><p>Online TeachingTechniques<br />References<br />Bawden, D. et al. 2007. Towards Curriculum 2.0: Library/InformationEducation for Web 2.0 World. LibraryandInformationResearch. http://www.lirg.org.uk/lir/ojs/index.php/lir/article/viewFile/49/74<br />Morten, P. 1995. The Online RepotonPedagogicalTechniques for Computer MediatedCommunication. http://www.nettskolen.com/forskning/19/cmcped.html<br /></p>