[#500distro] brand building with twitter: generating leads, mastering metrics & tracking engagement

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[#500Distro] Brand Building with Twitter: Generating Leads, Mastering Metrics & Tracking Engagement


  • 1. Twitter! Ads! Market Inefficiencies in the Twitter Advertising Platform @matjohnson, mathew@500.co

2. Mathew@500.co @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 3. TWTR: $1B+ Revenue @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 4. Ad Platforms get Exciting, then Stale @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 2005 2009 2014 5. Compelling Tweets Twitter is an IMMEDIATE medium: Noteworthy offer, Limited-time: @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 6. The Skeleton of Twitter Ads Promoted Trends, Accounts, TWEETS Promoted trends are like #SUPERBOWL & promoted accounts are like @CAPTAINMORGAN Central tension in Twitter's ad-business model is BRAND vs. DIRECT-RESPONSE. Twitter is actively more brand-centric. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 7. The Creative Dark Tweets - don't show up in your account's organic timeline, optionally exclude organic followers. You can be more Sales-y @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 8. Audience Targeting Earlier in 2014, in addition to targeting lists of handles and followers of handles: Custom CRM audiences The catch is you can't just upload your own list, you need an agency partner to hash your email list and send it to Twitter Retargeting pixels available , but you have to get it through a partner agency @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 9. Non-obvious: Lead-gen Cards Lead-gen cards - the smoothest PII capture on mobile: Tap to get an email address! Works for inside sales model. If you are a business that can value a newly acquired email, lead-gen cards are for you. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 10. Example: iframe Lead-Gen Card iframe lead-form (same as Vines/music players - but for leads) Was in test earlier in 2014 - I believe that is still in test - and they may kill it before it gets GA @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 11. Example: Conversion Pixel Conversion pixel: GA in Q1 2014. View- through vs. click-through conversions. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 12. Success Metrics Complexity Twitter is more explicit reporting view- through vs. click-through conversions than FB Startup marketers: don't care about 'engagements' - that is some made-up obfuscation to sell to big brand marketers. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 13. Attribution Complexity Multi-touch attribution: First?/Last?/Linear? Overlap between platforms FB & TW no observed overlap/cookie-jacking @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 14. Twitter Ads are a Changing Features & ad products available in 3 stages: private beta, through agency partners, g.a: @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 15. The Battle Plan Manage paid social like organic social A/B test, but not too strictly: when you find a message that resonates, let it ride - but keep pumping new tweets in multiple times per week. Have a well-defined POV on conversion definition & revenue attribution @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 16. THE FUTURE! Whats next? Changes & Commerce @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 17. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co Questions??


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