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1. USABILITY TESTING UXPA DC UX 101 Intensive Workshop May 1, 2015 Stephanie M. Pratt, UXPA DC Secretary @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #dcux @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 2. Who is Stephanie? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 3. WHAT IS USABILITY? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 4. What is usability? Usability is how easy a product, website, object, etc. is to use. 5 Es of Usability: Effective Efficient Engaging Error Tolerant Easy to Learn (Whitney Quesenbery [2004] Balancing the 5Es: Usability) @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 5. WHY IS USABILITY IMPORTANT? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 6. Why is usability important? If your website/product/item is not usable, your users/audience wont be able to complete their tasks. Your users/audience will then be searching for ways to get help or searching for alternative product/resource that is more usable @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 7. What is usability testing? A research method to evaluate how usable a product, object, website, etc. is. @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 8. Whats involved? Your participant perform meaningful tasks to reach a goal Participants are ideally your target users Moderator (you or other team member) Observers (you, design team, stakeholders, clients) Recording data for analysis Minimum recording screen / audio Quantitative clicks, error rate, task success rate, etc. @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 9. What can I test? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 10. When should I test? As early as possible Even with sketches or physical prototypes As often as possible Return on Investment of Usability Testing: Save on development time Less time to train new users Less support calls / emails More people complete their intended tasks @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 11. How do I Setup a Usability Test? Identify key tasks that you are most interested in learning about for that task What makes a good task? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 12. Example Tasks Purchase/order a product Shop for auto insurance Book an appointment @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 13. Exercise: Develop Tasks (5-10 min) Imagine you want to test the usability of your smartphone. Breakup into teams of two and come up with 2-3 tasks you would want to test on your smartphone(s) Write them down to use as part of a test script @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 14. Whats next? We need to develop the test script with those tasks. @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 15. Whats in a test script? An introduction, to explain what is going to happen to the participant/tester Explain that they are not being tested and cant make any mistakes Initial questions to understand their experience with web or product E.g., How many hours a week do you use the internet for work and personal use? E.g., What is your favorite website? E.g., How often do you do [something related to product] @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 16. Whats in a test script? Explain think aloud protocol to the participant Have the participant/tester think out loud as they go through the tasks Cue yourself to record the computer screen or session Tasks You may potentially need to give a scenario to put the tester in the mindset of completing the tasks. Follow up questions E.g., Single Ease Question (for each task) 1-7 scale E.g., Confidence of completing task(s), 1-7 scale E.g., Open ended (balanced) questions Thanking participant/tester @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 17. Exercise: Develop Short Test Script (5-10 min) Take your tasks and create a short test script Add an introduction & a couple intro questions We will be using your test script to run a quick test. @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 18. OK, I have a test script. What now? We need to recruit participants @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 19. How do I get participants? Fast Recruitment Use Colleagues Coffee Shops (offer to buy a coffee for a short test) Co-testing Meetups Metro stations, Bus stops Longer more specialized recruitment Customers / Users recruit through email/web Craigslist/flyers/newspaper ads for representative users Hire recruiters to help you get representative users Recruit representative users from your network @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 20. How many participants do I need? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc Nielsen Norman Group 21. How do I compensate participants? Swag T-shirts, reusable bags, pens, etc. Cash Gift Cards Promotions (discounts) Sometimes, if helping to improve the product is enough for the tester, you dont need to give anything @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 22. Scheduled the Participants. What now? Prepare to run the test Practice moderation skills @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 23. How to moderate The tester/participant does the majority of the talking Think therapist / guide Keep a poker face Dont let them know if they are right or wrong Keep all questions unbiased Think 40 Year Old Virgin Respond to a question with a question Typical questions: What are you thinking? Was that what you expected or not what you expected? @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 24. How to moderate If they Say.. Are not talking What are you thinking? Ask you a question (e.g., Is that what I should do here?) Rephrase the question (e.g., What do you think you should do?) Get a task right or wrong Thank you, that is very helpful Thanks for the feedback Mess up Remember, you cant make any mistakes Youre doing a great job Are unsure if they have completed a task and ask you. Is this what you would do if you were doing X at home? Criticize the design Thanks for the feedback @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 25. Exercise: Run a Quick Usability Test Find another team and run a quick usability test on your phone with other folks in the room Follow your test script & have them complete 1 of your tasks Switch so everyone is a participant or moderator at least once. @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 26. Additional Resources @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc 27. THANK YOU! @stephaniempratt smpratt01@gmail.com @stephaniempratt @uxpadc #usability #uxdc