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A model for how User Experience people can engage more strategically with their organisation, and how we can be more strategic in the way we do UX


  • 1. From Usability to UX StrategyLeisa Reichelt

2. from usability to UX strategy Leisa Reichelt Drupalcon Chicago, March 2011 3. i asked for this talk to be in the business stream... 4. Business needs to get more from their UX team.UX has more to give. 5. This is about forging alliances 6. To know what a business is we have to start with itspurpose. Its purpose must lie outside of the business itself.In fact, it must lie in society, since business enterprise is an organ of society. There is only one valid definition ofbusiness purpose: to create a customer. - Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practice 7. What the customer thinks he or she is buying, what he or she considers value is decisive it determines what a business is, what it produces, and whether it will prosper.And what the customer buys and considers value is never a product. It is always a utility that is, what a product orservice does for him or her. And what is value for the customer is anything but obvious. - Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practice 8. business strategy is UX strategy 9. Profit is not a cause but a result the results of the performance of the business in marketing, innovation, productivity. It is a needed result, serving essentialeconomic functions. Profit is, first, the test of performance the only effective test Indeed, profit is a beautiful example of what engineers mean when they talk of feedback, or the self-regulation of a process by its own results. - Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practice 10. Harry Beckwith- Selling the Invisiblewhy are companies terrified of a clear value propositionlook up the positioning quote from selling the invisible and put it here - the bit about saying what you are is saying whatyoure not.- Harry Beckwith, Selling the Invisible 11. we UXers can help drive good decision making 12. we UXers can help drive good decision makingwe, UXers, need good decisions made to make good UX. 13. If you want to be a brand, you have to work from the inside out A great logo isnt going to make a shitty product any less shitty, any more than a hard worker is going to make a bad boss a compelling leader.Christopher Simmons - 14. Facilitatorone who contributes structure and process to interactions so groupsare able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions.A helper and enabler whose goal is to support others to achieveexceptional performance Facilitation at a Glance: Ingrid Bens 15. businessstrategy 1. value proposition- target audience- business model- experience strategy ux strategy 2. customer experience framework - experience map & touchpoints - personas (UX & Marketing) - KPIs & metricsiven - design principlesution strategy driventactical execution 3. execute strategy in design- prioritisation / methodology - designing strategically - measurement & evaluation 16. 1. Business strategy value proposition- target audience- business model- experience strategy 17. anecdotal experience almost every client Ive ever worked for who is seekinggreater market share has had no clear value proposition. 18. yay!unclear proposition clarifypropositionnowbad proposition newpropositionno proposition(eg. new company) new product? 19. how to get a group to make a complex decision like, say, agree on a value propositiongeneratesynthesis & evaluate & make aclearly articulateideasexplore ideasprioritise ideas decisionagreed valuepropositionref: 20. encouraging explorationcreating structure for decision making facilitating collaboration 21. creating sharable ideasfocusing work on the end user experience minimum viable/desirable product 22. prioritising & communicating 23. thanks Gamestorming 24. our brand is the only ____________ that _____________ - Zag: The #1 Strategy of High Performance Brands, Marty Neumeierthanks Gamestorming 25. make mantra - Guy KawasakiAuthentic Athletic Performance - Nike Fun Family Entertainment - DisneyRewarding Everyday Moments - Starbucks 26. experience strategyA star to sail your ship by- Jesse James Garrett 27. target audienceif you design for everyone, you design for no one. 28. target audienceHow can you deliver a unique value to meet an important set of needs for an important set of customers - Michael Porter, Business Strategy Guru 29. business goalsWe never take our eyes off the business goals design is an integral part of any successful business strategy, and not an artistic boutique profession - Hartmut Esslinger, Founder, frog design inc. (The Fine Line) 30. money questions you should be prepared to talk about. Revenue: How will this make money? How much will it make?Revenue: How much will we make per customer?(Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)) Cost: How much will this cost to make?Cost: How much will each customer cost to acquire and support? Profit: Will the revenue surpass the cost? (profit = revenue - cost of goods sold) Return on investment (is it worth the effort?)= (profit - investment)investmentDifferent businesses use different calculations. If yours has one in place, find out what it is. 31. 2. customer experience framework- experience map & touchpoints- personas (UX & Marketing)- KPIs & metrics- design principles 32. 33. 34. journeys, touchpoints, important momentswork through them across all aspects of the experience (even ifyou have no control of many of them) collaborate across departments to create a sharedunderstanding of the customer experience and all touchpointsdesign a framework or model that works best for your company. integrate this model into the way the company works. 35. money in money out(aquisition) (churn)sales & promotiontrial (meet initial need) expose to broader value/range of services 36. how it helped - removing silos- creating shared language - creating shared focus - sharing learnings from insight/research activities (everyone knows more about customers without doing any more work!)- ability to see how work contributes to company success - ability to empathise with customer experience- ability to prioritise work to benefit company & customer- ability for UX to get in earlier and be more effective - ability to measure effectiveness of work commissionedbased on acquisition and churn metrics - shift focus from quantity of work outputted to quality 37. personas 38. Designing for About Face 3the Digital Age Cooper, ReinmanKim Goodwin & Cronin resources 39. Design Principlesbreaking down the experience strategyinto actionable guidelines 40. everyone should know the experience strategy & design principlesthese are tools for the entire business not just the designerscommunicate! 41. 3. execute strategy in design - prioritisation / methodology - designing strategically - measurement & evaluation 42. Prioritising strategically Use your strategic framework to help you workout what to design/build first(what is most aligned with the strategy, what will deliver the most value) This is particularly useful if you use an agile methodology 43. how to wireframe strategicallydefine audience generatesynthesis & evaluate & make a sketch the & purpose of ideasexplore ideasprioritise ideas decision wireframe interface 44. strategic collaborativewireframe outline 45. evaluating design (quality metrics) your strategic methodology means you know how to measure if a page/interaction is working or not.use your KPIs/metrics to continually measure how wellyour design is working. report on this. improve.use tools like A/B testing. 46. facilitating changeculture eat strategy for breakfast - Drucker 47. facilitating change appeal to the elephant and the rider:1. make change emotional 2. make the next action clear3. change the environmentSwitch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath 48. appeal to the elephant 49. facilitating change appeal to the elephant and the rider:1. make change emotional 2. make the next action clear3. change the environmentSwitch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath 50. focus on facilitation with its focus on asking instead of telling, listening & building consensus, facilitationis an essential skill for anyone working collaboratively with others 51. its simple, but its not easy 52. a great way to get fired 53. thank you & good luck @leisa 54. 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