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An upgrade to usabilityKeynoteMobility: cMobileMicrosoft meets SAPFeeding information: Business ClientSimple & Sexy: Screen PersonasStraightforward and mobile-proof: SAP FioriThe journey of UX2Tom Van DoorslaerSAP MentorThe journey of UX3

The road is not straightUX is a journey, but theres no clear destination

There are many different paths

The journey is never done4The road is bumpyNo matter which strategic decision you makeYoull hit bumps

Unsatisfied usersDifficulty supporting new techDead ends



Desktop based UX

Moving beyond the SAP Gui

Simplify screens

Extend the reach of information Plan ahead, but not too farStart with something easy

Like wrapping your SAPGUI in the NWBC

Then start playing with roles

7NWBCClassic Gui Plan ahead, but not too farIntroduce Screen personas

Simplify some screens

Create customized portal pages

8NWBCClassic GuiScreen Personas Plan ahead, but not too farPlay around with sidepanels


Sidepanels also play together with Personas9NWBCClassic GuiScreen PersonasSide panels ExperimentIntroduce Fiori

Pilot groups

Gives IT the chance to get used to it

10Mobile/BrowserFiori LaunchpadFiori AppFiori App Target: S4HanaFully Fiori enabled

GUI transactions still available

NWBC still available

Convergence of Fiori Launchpad and NWBC

11Mobile/BrowserFiori LaunchpadFiori AppFiori AppMobility

Its all about making the right choice

You want 1 platform for mobile solutions

You dont want to maintain multiple app versions Making the right choiceThere is an abundance of mobile solutions

Each with specific characteristics

You cant use all of them

How do you choose?

13 Making the right choice14SAP Mobile PlatformFioriCMobileBizztalkKonyNeptune3IMovilizer... Making the right choiceMost important parameters:AudienceOffline or onlineBackend diversity

15 Making the right choice16Target AudienceSMPB2CSMPBothBackend diversityConnectionOnly SAPConnectionDiversecMobileFioriSMP / Custom on gatewaySMPOffline*Online*Online*Offline*B2B Frontend strategyMultiple device typesYou dont want to write a version for each device type

Multiple screen sizesYou dont want to write a version for each screen size

Native is bestYes, but Web-apps are getting better, and so are browsers

17 Frontend strategyCombine the best of both worldsNative access to sensorsNative access to offline databases and files

Platform independence of web-appsCentral version management of web-apps

Available skills for web-development

Hybrid web

18 Hybrid webFiori + SMP (Kapsel)

Fiori without SMP (Fiori Client)

HTML5 + Gateway

HTML5 + cMobile

19 S4Hana & MobileS4Hana is completely based on FioriFiori in itself is mobile, but only onlineThe standard Fiori client offers caching to improve performance

Fiori + SMP = offline Fiori appsWinner?Not for all functionality though


The journey to UX can be made at your own pace

Pick your favourite quick wins

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