Transmedia Storytelling: Connecting Consumers to Brands Through Modern Storytelling

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Meghan Gargan's presentation on Transmedia Storytelling from a marketing and branding perspective. This was presented at Geekend 2011 in Savannah Georgia. Learn more about transmedia storytelling and Meghan at


<ul><li> 1. Transmedia StorytellingConnecting Consumers to Brands throughModern StorytellingMeghan GarganStrategy Director, Likeable Media@meghangargan |</li></ul> <p> 2. WHAT ISTRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING Multiple platforms/touch points. Each piece contributes something valuable and new (story world). Not re-telling a story through different media. Each medium used for what it does best. Hunting &amp; Gathering consumer expectations. 3. TRANSMEDIA MODELS: FRANCHISE &amp; PORTMANTEAU*The Matrix, Harry Potter, Burn Notice *Mad Men, HIMYM 4. WHAT IS THE VALUE OF TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING FORBRANDS Storytelling is timeless brand lifespan is extended beyond a campaign window. Authentic and natural brand messaging, no sales pitch required, the consumers come to the brand. Multiple entry points into a branded story, rewards loyal fan with more insight, info, engagement. Deeper level of engagement with fans, LONGER engagement with fans. Invites vs. Interrupts 5. TRANSMEDIA CASE STUDY:COCA-COLA: HAPPINESSFACTORY Most successful commercials in brand history. Interactive Video Game Additional TV/Print Ads Comics/Teen Magazines Four-minute Featurette Musical Soundtrack 6. TRANSMEDIA CASE STUDY: OLD SPICE: OLD SPICE GUYResults: Sales went up 107% from a year ago, Facebook fan interactionwent up by 800%, Twitter followers increased 2,700%, Old Spice becamethe most watched YouTube channel. #1 mens body wash. 7. TRANSMEDIA CASE STUDY:MATTEL: BARBIE &amp; KENREUNITEResults: From Jan-Feb 2011, 34% increase in Barbie Facebook fans and 200% inengagement, on Feb. 14th Barbie &amp; Ken were tweeted @ every 2 mins,#BarbieandKen trending topic, 5 million page views. 8. HOWEVER, TRANSMEDIA ISNT FOR EVERYONE 9. TRANSMEDIA IN OTHER INDUSTRIESEDUCATION &amp; ACTIVISM Non-profit providing support for the LGTBcommunity Website, Book, User-GeneratedContent, YouTube, Social Media Department of Education grant to exploreusing transmedia storytelling for education. 10. DEBUNKING TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGMYTHS1. TRANSMEDIA IS A FAD2. TRANSMEDIA IS EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE3. TRANSMEDIA IS FOR GEEKS &amp; NERDS4. TRANSMEDIA IS THE SAME AS INTEGRATED MARKETING OR CROSS MEDIA STORYTELLING5. TRANSMEDIA IS A GLORIFIED ARG6. TRANSMEDIA IS ONLY FORENTERTAINMENT FRANCHISES 11. DONT LEAVE ME HANGINGQUESTIONS?THANK YOU!@meghangargan | | </p>