maintaining a positive in tough times

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Maintaining a positive in tough times. Carry your own weather. Concern or Influence?. You cannot give away what you don’t own. Do you recognize greatness?. You can never step into the same stream twice. In tough times…. Carry your own weather. Maintain a positive attitude - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Tough Times

Maintaining a positive in tough times

Carry your own weather

Concern or Influence? You cannot give awaywhat you dont own.

Do you recognize greatness?

You can never step into thesame stream twice.

In tough timesCarry your own weather.Maintain a positive attitude it is a choice.Operate out ofyour Circle of Influence.Give away to others what you own if you do not own it, get it.Recognize greatness, potential,gifts, and talents in others and in yourself. Look for opportunities topositively influence others.

Noted anthropologist Margaret Mead once wrote "never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

That's why we're Committed Sardines.

Are you a committed sardine?