Maintaining A Positive Attitude For Job Search

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  • 1. Maintaining a Positive attitude for Job search Some reflections by the Painter of Light Thomas Kincaid

2. 3. You are what you eat

  • It is also true that you are what you read, listen to, look at and what you say.
  • With all the various sights, sounds, ideas and events that assault us daily what many of us really are is stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

4. What are someexamples?

  • Messages that shout from your mail box or your E mail box.
  • The piles of newspapers and magazines that cover every surface of your home.
  • Recorded music that follow you everywhere- elevator music to the CD in your car to pop music in the restaurant you eat at.
  • The television set which provides a constant white noise in the background in your home

5. No wonder we end up feeling anxious instead of peaceful and motivated 6. KEY POINT

  • Much of what we watch, see, hear and read about and talk about isnt conducive for Joy and motivation.

7. Radical Notion 8. You do not have to let all that input in!!You do not have to look at everything,read everything, any more than you have to eat everything on the restaurant menu!! 9. Why is this a radical idea???

  • Becausewe live in a society that glorifies the concept of complete information and total disclosure!!
  • We also place a high value for up to the moment reporting.

10. Our compulsive openness to stimuli does nothing more than keep us stirred up and disoriented 11. Filtered Sunshine

  • Important point:Filtered sunshine is no less real than the powerful, glaring sun of a cloudless August afternoon.It is simply sunshine that has been softened to a healthy level.

12. Filtering the input into our minds

  • Filtering and limiting what comes into our lives and into our minds not only makes our existence more joyful, but it can protect us from emotional and even physical harm.

13. Goal of filtering

  • The goal of filtering is not to deny reality or have you live like a hermit in order to limit the input in your life. Instead, you have to learn to what you will allow into your life, mind and heart on a daily basis.

14. Key to Filtering

  • Making decisions ahead of time about what kinds of information have a positive influence in your life and developing a strategy to keep other negative stimuli at bay.

15. 16. 17. Most filters can be classified in two categories

  • Category 1:Amount of information coming in.
  • Category 2:Kind of information I allow in.

18. Did you know??

  • The advances in media access along with the advent of the internet seem to beexponentially increasing the amount of information available at one time!

19. Too much information, too fast is overwhelming and stressful! 20. Kinds of information you may want to consider filtering from your life.

  • Violent, upsetting material
  • Also trivial,shallow, or anything that has to do with scandals.
  • Certain kinds of broadcasting, music, programming, or reading things that are upsetting

21. Filters that have been implemented by Thomas Kincaid

  • No headline news or any form of up to the minute cable coverage.
  • Try to avoid any form of sensationalized news.
  • Avoid newspapers and magazines that focus on scandals
  • Steer clear of any reporting that focuses on crimes and violence.

22. Question- Is there one sensationalized headline event one year ago that is still front page headline? More than likely that gruesome murder trial got displaced by the latest political scandal. 23. Did you know that each sensationalized event is presented in a hyped up manner designed to boost broadcast ratings and news stand sales?? 24. Give some thought to the sources that bring you information.

  • Are they reliable?
  • Is the information they report biased?
  • Do they tell you what you need to know, or simply stirring up anxiety and stress and leaves you feeling helpless?

25. Did you know that low tech forms of news such as newspapers and magazines tend to provide a more clear and complete analysis rather than the fragmented type found in other forms of media. 26. mail box full of Junk mail? Write a single copy of a form letter requesting removal from their mailing list and send it in response to any prepaid advertisement envelop you receive. Also, recycle all junk letters immediately!! 27. Pain, disappointment, betrayal, failure and tragedy are only part of the picture and allowing myself to only dwell on these things only sets a negative filter that can prevent me from seeing the bigger, brighter and beautiful whole.If you have eyes to see the whole picture you will find life brimming with meaning, purpose as well as courage and strength which will help you to cope with the inevitablenegatives. 28. For every mean and hateful act you hear about in the news, there are a thousand kindnesses that go unreported 29. Now that you have filtered out the unwanted noises from your life here are some practical suggestions to maintain your positive attitude for your job search 30. Have an attitudefeel good about yourself

  • Talk positive about your self. Remember the story of the little engine that could? What you believe about yourself is the foundation of all your future actions.
  • Take Charge!Accept responsibility for your job search.It is not your mother, father, girlfriend, wife to get you a job Although your network can be a help, YOU are responsible for the success of your job search.

31. More helpful tips

  • Let go of regrets about the past.Instead of blaming yourself and rehashing over past mistakes, take the opportunity to learn from the past.
  • Stop worrying about the future.While you dont want to live in the past, you also dont want to live in the future.Worrying is a habit, and you can change the habit if you really try.Instead of focusing on your fears, try focusing on your hopes and dreams!

32. Still more tips

  • Dont take rejection personally.Your attitude depends on how you look at things.You can either see a rejection as a personal attack on your abilities, or you can see it as an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself.
  • 6.Order now, dont delay.Procrastination is a sure way to lower your self esteem.Doing something every day will make you feel that you are making a real effort.

33. And more tips.

  • Attitude is Contagious surround yourself with supportive and positive people!
  • Reward yourself!
  • A. Go to a movie or rent a video
  • B. Read a book about someone who has overcome odds.
  • C.Do anything that you find enjoying and relaxing and that will take your mind off of job hunting.

34. Yet more tips

  • 9.Volunteer.Volunteering a few hours each week will give you something to feel good about and remind you of what you do have.Plus, you never know what contacts you might make through your volunteer work.

35. Remember, a positive attitude is a choice we make on a daily basis.With the proper input it becomes easier to make that choice.