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The workplace needs leaders who set the standard of behaviour. Be the leader and the wise. Your reward awaits you.


  • 1. Learning how to interact with coworkers will help you create peaceful relationships and a rewarding workplace for everyone.

2. The workplace is a microcosm of society, with all different types of personalities Friction is inevitable when humans interact; emotions creep in. Your role is to minimize or avoid those frictions Many adults are grown-up kids in the workplace, without a pacifier. Do you want to be one of them? Elevate yourself; be the mature and wise professional others look up to 3. Listening is the forgotten art of communication. It is as important, perhaps even more so than speaking Listening allows you to understand your coworkers, their opinions and ideals Listen actively and ask questions for clarifications (e.g. about concerns and expectations) It is always helpful to repeat back coworkers' statements, such as: What I think Im hearing is; May I assume from what you said that; Are you suggesting that?. 4. Reciprocity is the name of the game in human relationships A toxic workplace hurts everyone, including yourself Respect individual space. Don't abuse email by sending ten messages when one would do Don't nag; don't go above your coworkers' heads. Be civil and courteous Use "please" and "thank you" and give credit where credit is due 5. Copy all team members and managers on important communication email, conference requests, project updates and action items Make sure objectives and deadlines are clear, so your coworkers will know exactly what is expected of them Dont confuse confidentiality and secretive The workplace is for humans, so your best inspiration would be to strive for humanism in all your behavior 6. Avoid antagonistic gestures like crossing your arms, tapping your feet or rolling your eyes These gestures make it clear to your coworkers that you are not interested in what they are saying and will make future communication with them difficult Look people in the eye when you speak, smile and nod and show interest when your coworkers speak, and you will communicate with them more effectively 7. Answer your phone at all times, respond to emails and do your work on time You will earn your coworkers' respect, improve your communication with them and they'll likely return the favor later, when you will need it the most Remember: reciprocity is the name of the game in human relations 8. Human relationships are difficult, even under the best circumstances You dont choose your co-workers; some may have peculiar personality traits. Dont idealize the workplace, be pragmatic Try to match each failing of your coworkers with the opposite virtue in your own behavior to better yourself and the workplace will be a growth school for you The workplace needs leaders who set the standard of behavior. Be the leader and the wise. Your reward awaits you 9. is a niche Canadian job board specialized in academic and research job posting for colleges, universities, research centers, and institutions looking to hire candidates with advanced education and qualifications. Since 2006, we have been helping employers make targeted job postings that lead to smart hiring connections.