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  2. 2. WORKING TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE | 2Energy efficient practices have become pervasive in the data center market as providersand customers alike strive to reduce their carbon footprint and meet corporate sustainabilitygoals. Equinix is at the forefront of innovating and driving technologies that increase theefficiency of building, operating and running our data centers, while at the same timemaintaining the high standard of excellence our customers require.Operations ReliabilityWe take our responsibility seriously to provide the highest possible data centeravailability.Customer SatisfactionWe strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations.Social ResponsibilitiesWe develop environmentally sound strategies, products and programs that hold up underexternal scrutiny.Technological InnovationsWe continuously explore new opportunities for enhancing existing systems or adopting new technologies while ensuring high reliability for our customers.Operations CostWe build the right product for the right cost, operate as efficiently as possible without jeopardizing reliability.Rules and RegulationsWe build, buy, and operate using regulations and laws as a minimum standard.SUSTAINABILITY AT EQUINIXSUSTAINABILITY AT EQUINIX
  3. 3. WORKING TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE | 3Utility or Government Rebate ProgramsGovernment Energy Savings Incentive ProgramsGreen Building Accreditation SchemeRenewal Energy (Solar panels to be deployed in Singapore)FUTURE GREEN OPPORTUNITIESAt Equinix, we run critical infrastructure for some of the most technically demanding companies in the world and take our responsibility seriously to provide the highest possible data center availability. We strive to reduce our environmental impact while keeping data center availability for our customers as our number one priority.Leading edge, not bleeding edgeOur acceptance of new technologies must meet our rigorous standards and unproven technologies are delayed until we can address their risksWe continuously explore new opportunities for enhancing existing systems or adopting new technologies while ensuring high reliability for our customers and cost efficiency for our shareholdersOur efficiency and green power projects must be financially viable.Equinix is constantly evaluating opportunities in both new and existing facilities for enhancements of existing systems as well as the introduction of new more efficient technologies.OUR SUSTAINABILITY OBJECTIVESCASE STUDYSingapore SG1 Cooling Efficiency StudyA study of cooling efficiency identified significant opportunities for energy savings at Equinixs SG1 data center in Singapore. We implemented an optimization platform that offers real-time monitoring and control to optimize efficiency while improving reliability. Project also featured the first implementation of the new SS 564 Green Data Center Standard for Singapore Established an accurate baseline of the data centers energy use, reported air flow management metrics, and tracked the cooling and power systems efficiency before and after the installation of energy efficiency measures Targeted a demand savings of 684 kW
  4. 4. WORKING TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE | 4ENERGY EFFICIENCY DESIGN ELEMENTS AT EQUINIXCOLD AISLE CONTAINMENT EQUINIX IBX DATA CENTERPhysical barrier to reduce the mixing of cold supply air and hot exhaust air in data center aisles Delivers lower energy consumption and more efficient coolingLIGHTING SYSTEM EFFICIENCYMotion activated light controllers to reduce the energy consumption and heat loadRETRO-FITTING COMPACT FLORESCENT LIGHT BULBSCompact florescent light bulbs consume up to 75% less energy, last up to 10 times longer and produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbsCOOLING AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLLive rack temperature sensor monitoring integrated with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) system for more accurate temperature distribution analysis Adopts new industry standards such as ASHRAE IT temperature guidelinesUses an innovative free cooling system in Australian IBXsVARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES (VFD) Automatically reduces a motors speed and power draw when there is lower system load to conserve energy Deployed in chillers, pumps and fans in HVAC systemsMONITORING AND ANALYZING EFFICIENCYDetailed monitoring and benchmarking improvement Analyze design efficiency and reliability by using CFDPOWER USAGE EFFECTIVENESS (PUE) Uses efficiency metrics like PUE to benchmark operations and evaluate efficiency gains Participates in the creation of industry-standard efficiency metrics
  5. 5. WORKING TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE | 5LEADING THE INDUSTRYEquinix is committed to improving energy efficiency within the data center industry and actively seeks opportunities to participate in the discussion around how to improve data center sustainability.Equinix implements environmentally sustainable practices in our data centers. We have one IBX data center each in Australia (SY3), Japan (TY4) and Hong Kong (HK2) that have achieved LEED Gold certification. LEED certifications are awarded for improving performance across all of the following metrics: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reductions and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impact on the environment, and it has been recognized across the globe as the premier mark of achievement in green building.In Singapore, Equinix SG1 and SG2 IBX data centers have both received the SS 564 certification for Green Data Centers. SS 564 is a Singapore standard released by SPRING Singapore, an agency that develops and promotes internationally-recognized standards and quality assurance infrastructure under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. The standard is developed from established international energy management system standards and best practices as a recognized framework, as well as a logical and consistent methodology to achieve energy efficiency and continuous improvement in data centers.All three of our IBXs in Australia are pending NABERS certification - an Australian national rating system that measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building or tenancy and its impact on the environment as the first step to minimize our environmental impacts.Certification to these standards demonstrates that Equinix has put in place rigorous and systematic energy and environmental management processes to continually improve its environmental performance.US Green Building Council LEED Certification.Gold (3 certifications : HK2-II, SY3 and TY4)SS 564: 2010 Singapore Standards forGreen Data Centers (2 certifications: SG1, SG2)Member of The Green Grid - A global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems.ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard (1 certification: HK3)BCA-IDA Green Mark for Existing Data Centres (1 certification: SG2)NABERS Rating (3 pending: SY1, SY2 and SY3)OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY
  6. 6. 2014 Equinix, Inc.BR-A4 AP Green Brochure 1F2 BL-TW 1402www.equinix.comEquinix, Inc.One Lagoon Drive4th FloorRedwood City, CA 94065USAMain: +1.650.598.6000Fax: +1.650.598.6900Email: info@equinix.comCorporate HQ EMEA Asia-PacificEquinix (EMEA) BVLuttenbergweg 41101 EC Amsterdam ZuidoostNetherlandsMain: +31.20.753.7950Fax: +31.20.753.7951Email: info@eu.equinix.comEquinix Hong Kong LimitedSuite 6504-07,65/F Central Plaza18 Harbour RoadWanchai, Hong KongMain: +852.2970.7788Fax: +852.2511.3309Email: info@ap.equinix.comAbout EquinixEquinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects businesses with partnersand customers around the world through a global platform of highperformance data centers, containing dynamic ecosystems and thebroadest choice of networks.Platform Equinix connects more than 4,500 enterprises, cloud,digital content and financial companies including more than 975network service providers to help them grow their businesses,improve application performance and protect their vital digital assets.


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