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Success By Choice, Not by Chance! Power & Communiation Contractors AssociationJuly 21, 2016Presented by:Tim Richardson1O/V 5-6 concepts to help you indivually as well as as an org. to THINK, Create and InnovateStart organizationally and work toward Ind.Ea. concept will have a story or illustratration following by a THINKING QTweet! Tweet! @TimRichardsonMyth #1: Employee Engagement and Empowerment1. Treat everyone the same 10b1112Employee Engagement and Empowerment1. Learn how people thinkJud Judgment:Logical & linear in their thinkingIdeas are driven through facts and figuresOnly one right answerNeed sequential/detailed informationRule followersDon't Jump (act) but THINK, THINK, THINK25Gen Generator:Visual workersSpontaneous IdeasAlmost always more than one right answerRule breakersWalmart Greeter - traffic copApple Genius Bar - neighborhood barBungee jumping - spiderWhat idea could you borrow from your neighbor grocery store, from Social Media, from your favorite restaurant, from Redbox, 26Employee Engagement and Empowerment2. Remove barriers that prevent peak performanceEmployee Engagement and Empowerment3. Treat your employees with respectMyth #2: Employee Engagement and Empowerment2. Hire Slow and Fire FastEmployee Engagement and Empowerment1. Provide second chancesEmployee Engagement and Empowerment2. Teach life skills85% of success in life is attributable to your people skills and 15% to your technical skills - Dale Carnegie 37INSIGHT6 Books Related to Your Position or Profession6 Audio or Video Learning Programs 6 Personal or Professional Learning EventsThought About Training:One thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them! Zig Ziglar436 Vacations per year45Exercise 6 Days a WeekTweet! Tweet! @TimRichardsonCircle of 655Make Dreams Come Tru Jan Nixon 555663Why community service?Volunteerism Builds Leadership and Teamwork 2. Volunteerism Enriches the lives of Employees 3. Volunteerism Attracts New Employees Companies that dont consider magnifying their community footprint will be held accountable by future potential employees. Source: Mathew Paisner and Michael Saris Altruhelp.com Continue the learning:S/T SpeakerTracks notification of speaking oppsE/Z electronic magazineF/U Request follow-up about a future speaking opportunityContact info:Email: Tim@TimRichardson Phone: 865-984-2700 Web : www.TimRichardson.comLets connect on LinkedIn69Total Development Resources, Inc. 800-226-4473 www.TimRichardson.com