eastman johnson 1824-1906 portait of clara hall (the tea party) 1873

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Eastman Johnson 1824-1906 Portait of Clara Hall (The Tea Party) 1873 Slide 2 Photograph, 1895 Mr. Johnson painted: --Portraits --Genre (average people doing average things) --New England --Ojibwe (Native Americans) --Slavery Slide 3 Slide 4 Johnsons life included Born in 1824 in Maine Crayon portraits (self-taught) as a young man (18 years old) Studied painting in Germany and Netherlands Civil War Victorian Era (Queen Victoria) Slide 5 President Grover Cleveland Slide 6 Feeding the Turkey (1872-1880) Slide 7 The New Bonnet (1876) Slide 8 Cranberry Pickers (1879) Cranberry Harvest (1880) Slide 9 Ojibwe Wigwam (1857) Slide 10 A Ride for Freedom (Fugitive Slaves) 1862 Slide 11 37 stars (1867-1877) Not yet states: Colorado North Dakota, South Dakota Montana Washington Idaho Wyoming Utah Oklahoma New Mexico Arizona (1912) Alaska Hawaii The United States in 1873 Civil War is over Life is peaceful, happier for many people Victorian Era Slide 12 The Tea Party Oil on Panel 1873 At the Phoenix Art Museum