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Portrait Software Who are we? Winner 2009 DMA Future Innovators Award

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Portrait SoftwareWho are we?

Winner 2009 DMA Future Innovators Award

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Customer centricity – why is it important?

For several years now marketing scholars have been advocating firms to shift their thinking away from a brand-centered way of thinking - managing product portfolios, to a customer centered way of thinking - managing customer portfolios

Recent research has demonstrated quite conclusively that customer value is an excellent proxy for firm value and that companies investing in customer-centric initiatives enjoy higher financial returns

“ Bank revenues can change by $242 million.

A large bank with customer experience in the top quartile can end up with $43 million of additional purchases and $51 million of lost business avoided —resulting in an additional $94 million of revenue.

Banks in the lowest quadrant, however, can end up dropping $148 million below the norm.”

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Definition Customer centric Client Portrait enabledDepth and availability of customer data

In-depth data on the customerincluding value, preferences and needs

Multi-channel customer engagement. 11 line of business systems, 15,000 users, 60,000+ engagements a day.No.1 UK bank for customer satisfaction & advocacy.

Understanding of the customer

Provide real-time insight at time of interaction to always ensure customer relevancy

Increase retention, satisfaction & customer lifetime value by guiding more relevant agent discussion based on real-time call context and insight on the customer portfolio.

Optimization Organisation focused on customer value over their lifetime

Avoided unnecessary or negative impact communications. Improved ROI on campaign numbers. Incremental revenue increased 327%

Managing each and every touch point with the customer

Two-way communication, initiated by the customer and managed based on their preferences

Unisys UFSS core enhanced with single view of customer, lead and complaint process management. Improved company responsiveness, interaction consistency and customer satisfaction.

Fulfilment Differentiated customer treatment processes that are designed & built around the needs of the customer

Provides customers with convenient ‘anytime, anyplace’ processes to manage their personal finances as well as pay for goods and entertainment directly through mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Listening and acting on the feedback of customers

Highly collaborative with information from every interaction captured and used to empower future customer needs & wishes

Welcome and onboarding of new customers. Satisfaction surveys and customer panels. Feeds understanding for developing onward customer marketing programmes.

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Examples of where Portrait enables customer centricity

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Portrait strengths

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•Focus on the customer•People – strong skills in key areas•Strong message – “Actionable Insight “•Exemplar customer base (300+)•Strong references (case studies)•Recurring revenues•Revenue base in US & UK•Strong FS partner in Fiserv•Unique “coming together” of some key technologies•Ability to provide incremental approach –successful transition to applications•Innovative applications – e.g. Uplift & IO

Product• All share common focus of ‘customer’, dialog/interaction, and goal of doing the right thing for customer and organization• Unique combination: insight to action• All have strong differentiation, e.g.

• PCM – Dialog not ‘blast’• Analytics – Uplift, auto modeling• IO/Foundation – configurable customer data, process, decision (inc scoring)

• All have reference points • All good at data integration• All provide incremental benefit to CRM• Strong pride in heritage, and passion for individual product lines

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Portrait competencies

Focus on areas of core competence

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Combined with our core values

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Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do

What you can be the best in the world at?

What drives your economic engine?

What you are deeply passionate about?

Customer interaction optimization

License sales to existing & new customers –direct and indirect

Customer centricity

Making our customers successful (walk the talk)

Our heritage, innovation solutions, company & people

We will create a software suite that becomes pervasive around the world for companies wishing to deliver optimal customer interaction & experience……..We will be the first company to truly define what it means to have direct 1:1 relationships with customers (to be truly customer-centric)………We will succeed by inspiring our customers, providing innovative solutions, exceeding their expectations and delivering fast incremental returns.

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Delivering customer centricity

Develop insight &customer propensity models

Create multi-channelcampaigns

Monitor performance

Personalised dialog and data gathering

Multichannel deployment of offers

Cross channel customer service

Reduce Churn Reduce Marketing costsImprove cross sell ratesDrive inbound salesConsistent customer service Customer onboarding

Deploy best next actionsSingle customer view

Deploy customercentric process

Inbound recommendations

Customer marketing platform

Customer experience

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Customer centricity – what does it feel like?

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They valueme!

They understandme

They make relevant and timely suggestions

They know what I want

Services and products match my needs

They know what I can afford

Costs match my budget

Context based recommendation as the customer balance and

profile fit the requirements

Customer centric processes affecting more than one

systems and/or significant events in the customer life

The customer recently ordered

travellers cheques and foreign currency

They are helpfulThey communicate clearly

They are always and easily availableThey are well trained

Easier to understand product information and visual representation of

financial status

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A Selection of Our Customers

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Portrait suite existing components (new sales)

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• Outbound centric customer dialog

• Multi-channel support for Email, SMS, social networks, print, landing pages, telemarketing

• Customer selection and preference mgmt

• Visual definition of conversation flow

• Bounce handling and link tracking

• Questionnaires and surveys

• Measurement and reporting of dialog

• Churn, cross-sell and behaviour prediction

• Visual insight into data

• Automated statistical modeling

• Role based interfaces for business, marketing managers and analysts

• Rich customer centric ETL

• Integrates to marketing execution

• Unique Uplift application

• Real-time interaction decisioning

• Dynamic relevance & eligibility of message

• Business rules and real-time analytics

• Strategy priorities for value and propensity

• Dynamically retrieves data from enterprise

• Fits to existing CRM and channel systems

• Measurement and reporting of response

• Integrates with PCM for fusion

• Marketing, Sales, Service fulfilment

• Dynamic single view of customer

• Drives user interaction & dialogue

• Manages back-office workflow

• Orchestrates data integration

• Visual configuration of business processes

• Preconfigured process libraries

• Call centre, branch, internet assets









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Europe (Headquarters)The Smith Centre, The FairmileHenley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire,RG9 6AB, United KingdomT: +44 (0)1491 416600F: +44 (0)1491 416601

Americas125 Summer Street16th FloorBoston MA 02110, USAT: +1 617 4575200F: +1 617 4575299

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