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Digital Storytelling Tools Meetup #13NTCstory. Zan McColloch-Lussier @ zanarama Debra Askanse @ askdebra. HISTORY OF STORYTELLING. Lascaux Caves, France. Epic of Gilgamesh, first written story. Stories help your nonprofit: Explain a complex problem Spread the news Raise money. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Digital Storytelling Tools Meetup#13NTCstory

Zan McColloch-Lussier@zanaramaDebra Askanse @askdebra



Lascaux Caves, France15,000 17,000 years old3

Epic of Gilgamesh, first written story

The Iliad one of the first epic poems to be written down, the Greek tragedies, ShakespeareThis is Ephesus Theatre. Writers in the 10th century BC, record the founding of Ephesus by Androklos, son of Kodros, King of Athens. 5

800 bce - noble families in Europe hired bards and minstrels to tell their stories to the peoplePainting: Wandering Minstrels - Hubert Robert (French, 17331808)6

AD 113 - Trajan's column, commemorating Dacian wars victory7

1450 - Gutenberg printing press, and movable type8

Camera photography - invented in early 1800s, but daguerrotype in 1837 created ability to take portraitsOto delegation to Washington, D.C. January, 18819

Motion pictures - - 1888 - earliest motion picture Roundhay Garden Scene. A trip to the moon, Georges Melies - 190210

1981- Sony Mavica, first digital consumer campera11Stories help your nonprofit:

Explain a complex problem

Spread the news

Raise money Flickr:v@lentinaTimely


Crowd sourced

Easy to amplify & share

Digital Storytelling is different

Families of Visual StorytellingFind your digital storytelling match

What are you looking for?What do you want the tool to do?How will you use it? What story are you trying to tell?

Whats your favorite tool and why?What do you use the most?Whats been most effective and why?What scenarios are best for this tool?

Who found the love they were looking for?

Whos already in love?


You can do anything with ThingLink, evenPhotoshop for the rest of us

Photoshop for the rest of us

Bring it together

Chat with Zan &Debra Anytime!Debra Askanase, Digital Engagement StrategistCommunity Organizer 2.0debra@communityorganizer20.comTwitter: McColloch-LussierDirector of Marketing & Community Engagement at Food or @zanarama Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad!

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