Session One Presentation Tools and Digital Storytelling.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Session One Presentation Tools and Digital Storytelling Slide 2 Introduction We were asked to explore an app on an iPad or a website that we could use in the classroom or that the children could use to enhance their story telling skills. I chose to use Story Jumper online, after looking at some of the other apps and websites and preferring this one in particular. Slide 3 Story Jumper My partner, Sophie, chose to use another app and she completed her work on the iPad. We chose to write about the topic of birds, as it turned out had some other members of the class. From here, I created a five-slide story on my topic of birds, which is as follows: Slide 4 Story Jumper I found the beginning page very easy to use, it was based on software the children will have experienced before, so should be easily applied using this software The picture was not seen until I had moved on to beginning to write and created a picture to accompany it, this was then transferred to the cover Slide 5 Story Jumper I like that there is an optional dedication page, to give the feel of a real publication The text boxes, props, characters etc. can be seen down the side for ease and in case you change your mind about the one you are currently using Slide 6 Story Jumper You also have the option to upload your own photographs or saved images into your story, making it more personal to yourself or the children using this software I was able to choose my backdrop and character from some pre-set ones in the drop-down options to create my story Slide 7 Story Jumper I tried to make my story as accessible for young children as possible, while still trying to stick to the 5- slide guideline Again, using the pre- set icons and images I created my story. If I were to use this software again, I would encourage the use of more personalised themes Slide 8 Story Jumper I liked the search bar within the pre-set icons and characters because you can type in whatever you like and you will see some options for what you are wanting Another thing I struggled with was the fact that you had to write in a text box but for this page, which I kept forgetting and it got me frustrated, I would like if there was a pre-set text box on this page, for ease Slide 9 Story Jumper You are able to see your slides/pages in order, with your work on. I liked this because you are able to see if the story looks right and can easily move to a page you are not so happy with Here you are able to save, edit or undo parts of your story. This was something I had a problem with as it became clear you needed to sign up first Slide 10 Story Jumper Using the text boxes along the left hand side of the page, I created my simple storyline in the designated space Here you are able to skip to sections of your book with ease, or to a particular page Slide 11 Story Jumper Although the range of characters and settings were good, I would have liked to have seen more choice when it came to the text boxes, as I felt my story was looking very plain as I didnt think any of the choices to be appropriate for my book Had there have been more time, I would have liked to have explored this software for more time, as an hour limited me to what I could achieve and I felt that although aimed at children, it was still very simple and plain </p>