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mathematics: cooperative and collaborative method


<p>COOPERATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE LEARNING</p> <p>COLLABORATIVE Collaborative learning is a method of teaching and learning in which students team together to explore a significant question or create a meaningful project Collaboration is a philosophy of interaction and personal lifestyle. John Myers (Cooperative Learning vol 11 #4 July 1991) points out that the dictionary definitions of "collaboration", derived from its Latin root, focus on the process of working together</p> <p> E.g : - A group of students discussing a lecture - Students from different schools working together over the Internet on a shared assignment</p> <p>COOPERATIVE Cooperative learning is defined by a set of processes which help people interact together in order to accomplish a specific goal or develop an end product which is usually content specific. Students work together in small groups on a structured activity. They are individually accountable for their work, and the work of the group as a whole is also assessed.</p> <p> In order to create an environment in which cooperative learning can take place, three things are necessary. - Students need to feel safe, but also challenged. - Groups need to be small enough that everyone can contribute. - The task students work together on must be clearly defined.</p> <p>VIDEO TIME</p> <p>Activities Topic : Money - Pupils demonstrate of how to add and subtract money through trade thing. Topic : Measurement - Measure thing in classroom like book, table and whiteboard.</p> <p>REFERENCESPanitz, T. (1996). A Definition of Collaborative vs Cooperative Learning. Retrieved July 25, 2012, from</p> <p>What are cooperative and collaborative learning? (2004). Retrieved July 24, 2012, from</p>


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