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  • 1. Collaborative and Cooperative Learning Online Barbara Mammen Educational Consultant

2. Educating the Net Generation

    • Speak techno
    • Communicate digitally
    • Play digitally
    • Technology multi-taskers
    • Expect instant digital gratification
  • Our curriculum, facilities, and resources must meet the aptitudes, attitudes, expectations, and learning styles of our Net Generation students .

3. 4. Access This Power Point Go Click on the presentation titled: Collaborative and CooperativeLearning Online 5. Focus on21 stCentury Skills

  • The Partnership for 21 stCentury Skills

6. 70%30% Internet Use by StudentsDuring School Hours Information GatheringCollaborating Communicating Creating Three Steps Video 7. CollaborativeOnlineLearning Activities

    • All grade levels
    • All curriculum areas
    • Local, National, Global Projects
  • Global School Net
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • International Education And Resource Network

Collaborative Internet Projects 8. Cooperative LearningOnline Activities Web Quests All grade levels All curriculum areas Inquiry-based The Web Quest Page 9. Trucker Buddy ePals Ask an Expert Communicating Online 10. Final Thoughts Partner Listening Activity Find a partner Decide who is Partner A and who is Partner B Partner A has 45 seconds to tell Partner B what you learned today Partner B listens only, does not comment Partner B has 45 seconds to tell Partner A what you learned today Partner A and B repeat procedure for 30 seconds each Video: Digital World, Digital Teachers