catniss (short story)

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  • 1. Micah Quinto |Carla Faner Catniss
  • 2. Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Catniss. Catniss hated cats so much that she would hurt and do silly things at every cat she sees. One day, she saw a mysterious cat. Its wearing a shiny collar full of diamonds and gems. She did every silly thing she has to do just to catch the cat and get the collar. Finally, she caught it, took the collar and ran away.
  • 3. When she got home, she headed to her room to try the collar she got from the mysterious cat. Then poof! What is happening? Why am I here? Why is my closet bigger than me? She looked at herself in the mirror, and realized, she was turned into a cat. Oh no! What happened? What are these? Paws? How am I supposed to live if Im like this?. She tried to take off the collar but she cant because it was so tight.
  • 4. She went down to her mother to ask help. Meooowww! Meooow! Its me mother! Meooww!, Catniss said. What are you doing here? Shooo-shooo! Get out! Shooo! Shoo! her mother replied. Oh no! My mother doesnt recognize me anymore. Where will I go? Im so hungry!. Catniss continued to walk and walk. A week had passed and she hasnt eaten anything yet. She was so hungry. She felt so weak. Finally, after a long journey she found herself in a sanctuary of cats.
  • 5. Meeowww! Hey guys! Can you help me? Meoow! I was turned into a cat. I dont know what to do , said Catniss. Im so hungry. Help me. She said. Look guys! Its her! The girl who always do bad things on us! Rrrnnnngaaaaww!, said the cats. The cats went wild and tried to hurt her but the queen came and stopped them.
  • 6. What is happening here?!, said the Queen Cat. Shes here! The one who took your collar queen! And the one whos doing bad things on us!, said the cats. Why are you here?, said the Queen Cat. Please help me. I dont know what to do anymore. I want to go back home. I miss my family. Meeooooww! said Catniss. I cant help you. Im sorry. said the Queen Cat. Please! Please! Please help me! I will do anything! Meeoooow! said Catniss.
  • 7. I can help you. But in one condition, you have to take care of the animals you see. You should not treat them like toys. Especially the cats. Cats are so sweet and loving and they did nothing to you for you to hurt them. Promise you will do this if I turn you back to your old self. said the Queen cat. I promise. I will never hurt them again. I promise to take good care of them. Be nice and treat them like I want to be treated. Catniss promised.
  • 8. Glitters went all over her body. And suddenly, she felt weak and fell asleep. Catniss! Catniss! Wake up! Youll be late for school!, her mother yelled. Catniss woke up and realized it was all a dream. After that dream, Catniss never forgot what she promised to the Queen Cat. She took care of animals and adopted a few little kittens too. She gave them love and they lived happily every after.
  • 9. The End