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  • 1. Short StoriesWhat you always wanted to knowand more!!

2. What exactly is a shortstory? Always FICTION (something feigned, invented, orimagined; a made-up story) Able to read in one sitting A GOOD short story presents enough lifelikequalities to help us better understand ourselves andour world. Short Stories present us with a world of the authorsimagination. The author has at least one importantpurpose in mind: to illustrate a truth, orgeneralization, about life. 3. What should I be thinking while reading a short story?What happens? (PLOT)When and Where does it happen? (SETTING)Who does it? (CHARACTER)What does it mean? (THEME) 4. What exactly do thosewords mean? PLOT: Arrangement of action. The author mustselect facts and place them in an interesting order. SETTING: The time and place of the action. CHARACTERIZATION: How the author presentsthe character Direct- A summary of characters traits andcharacteristics Indirect- Through a characters dialogue and action THEME: The whole story, including the atmosphereor feeling, makes up the theme. The whole story isan image. 5. Plot Development Chart hook conclusion introductiondenouement 6. What do these have to dowith a short story? Exposition: Introduction to the character, setting,situation, and background of story Narrative Hook: Introduction of the storys conflict Rising Action: Begins with the narrative hook, catchesattention and adds to the conflict Climax: Highest point of emotional involvement, theconflict peaks Falling Action: Events stemming from the results of theclimax Resolution: The final outcome or conclusion of conflict 7. Conflict Man vs. Man: Man in conflict against another character Man vs. Himself: Man in conflict with himself (innerturmoil) Man vs. Nature: Man in conflict with an aspect of nature(blizzard, bear) Man vs. Society: Man in conflict with a group of peopleor society beliefs Man vs. Fate: Man in conflict with that which he cannotchange 8. Symbolism An object, action or person that represents something abstract.