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Short Story Short Story

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  • Short Story

  • Short Story InfoBegin Plot Diagram

  • Final DraftTyped: 12 font, Calibri or New Times RomanWord Count: 750 (max), 150 (min) Properly FormattedNo explicit use of drugs, sex, and/or curse wordsRough DraftFull rough draft that corresponds with final draftI want to see corrections, mistakes, scribbles, notes, etc.Plot DiagramDiagram must reflect the story as it is in your final draft.

  • This is a 100 point summative grade

    Due on Monday 5/29:Final Draft (typed)Rough DraftPlot Diagram

    Today: you should start/finish your plot diagram

    Tomorrow: Begin writing your rough draft

  • Remember to indent (tab button) for every new paragraph, and/or new line of dialogue.If you begin writing from a specific P.O.V., maintain it throughout the entire paper.Watch the curse words and extracurricular activities of your characters.Have a solid beginning, middle, and end in mind BEFORE you begin writing. The plot diagram is a key tool for this.Do not overly complicate your characters and plot, remember that this is a SHORT story.

  • Warning, warning, everyone get to safety now.

    Doc hears the warning, and the eruption outside tells him that somethings gone wrong. He gets in his car, and the radio broadcast can be heard over all stations. First, there was static; then finally a voice.

    Everyone listening listen closely; this is real. There is a solar flare heading towards Earth at this very moment. Pack your things and head for the survival ship. I am telling you to hurry because some will have to stay behind. From this point on, it seems only rich and influential people are going to be safe now. The cities are being evacuated to the nearest protection camp-

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