carlos sierra political consultant presents: must try baking hacks

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  • Carlos Sierra | Must Try Baking Hacks

  • These baking hacks will save you so much time that youwill be sorry you did not know about them sooner!

  • Soften Brown Sugar With An Apple SliceIf your brown sugar has turned hard as a rock, theres still hope.Place a slice of apple with the brown sugar for several hours in an airtight container,and it will soften the sugar.

  • Use Non-stick Spray To Release Hard To Measure IngredientsWhen measuring sticky ingredients such as honey or molasses, make sure you get all ofthe ingredient out of the measuring cup by spraying it with non-stick spray beforemeasuring.

  • Use A Tea Strainer As Powdered Sugar DusterThere is no need to buy a fancy one when you probablyhave a tea strainer in your house already.

  • Pour chocolate around the bottom of an inflated balloon and put them in the freezer. Take theballoon out and youll be left with chocolate cups perfect for filling with your favorite treats!

    Use A Balloon to Make Chocolate Cups

  • Heat The Knife For Perfect BrowniesCurious about how to get picture-perfect presentation for cake slices or bars? Run the knifeunder hot water for several seconds, dry off, then slice. The residual heat on the knife will makefor clean, easy slices. Repeat the process for each slice.

  • Warm citrus releases more juice than its chilly counterparts. Heat citrus fruits for 5-10seconds in the microwave before juicing for best results.

    Heat Citrus To Release The Most Juice

  • Heres a nifty tip: remove the blade or beaters from your mixture, and perforate a paperplate on the top portion of the beater. Secure it back in place, and youve got yourself aninstant spatter guard for your next recipe.

    Make A DIY Paper Plate Splatter Guard

  • Please come back and shareany more baking hacks thatyou have! I love learning newand fun ways to optimize mytime baking with my kids!