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BYTE: BYTE project overview Kush Wadhwa Trilateral Research & Consulting, LLP BYTE project coordinator Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinary community for addressing societal externalities BYTE WP2 Workshop Lyon, 11 Sept 2014

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BYTE: BYTE project overviewKush WadhwaTrilateral Research & Consulting, LLPBYTE project coordinator

Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinary community for addressing societal externalities

BYTE WP2 WorkshopLyon, 11 Sept [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.euMobilising found [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.euAt the present time, big data is largely comprised of two types of data resources: Dark data which refers to vast, un-used and un-mined lakes of data Data exhaust which refers to the residual data that is the product of the completion of other processes, services, etc. e.g., location data from navigation services, etc.

Dark data may be comprised of data exhaust, and some data exhaust may lie dormant as dark data.

However, the key to uncovering new information, capturing innovation and identifying efficiencies is to transform these data into Found data.

Found data (adapted from the Financial Times article Big data: Are we making a big mistake?, 28 March 2014) Data elements that, when linked or processed, yield new connections and insights

However, we must always be aware of the negative impacts that could result from these mobilisations e.g., potential for discrimination, spurious relationship that could lead to poor decision-making, etc.

BYTE aims to support stakeholders in mobilising big data and taking advantage of the associated opportunities, whist diminishing the potential negative externalities that could also result. 2Project details: BYTEBig data roadmap and cross-disciplinarY community for addressing socieTal Externalities (BYTE) project March 2014 Feb 2017; 36 months Funded by DG-CNCT: 2.25 million (Grant agreement no: 619551) 11 Partners 10 Countries

@BYTE_EUwww.byte-project.euKey outcomesDefine research efforts and policy measures necessary for responsible participation in the big data economy Vision for Big Data for Europe for 2020, incorporating externalitiesAmplify positive externalitiesDiminish negative onesRoadmapResearch RoadmapPolicy RoadmapFormation of a Big Data communityImplement the roadmapSustainability plan

@BYTE_EUwww.byte-project.euProduction of a roadmap outlining a plan of action to enable European scientists and industry to capture a proportionate share of the big data market.Provision of assistance to industry in capturing positive externalities (efficiencies, new business models, etc.) and addressing potential negative externalities before beginning a project, initiative or programme. A series of clear and precise future research needs and policy steps

4Process for policy [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.euBig data concerns: externalities The effects of a decision by stakeholders (e.g., governments, industry, scientists, policy-makers) that have an impact on a third party (especially members of the public) May be positive or [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.euBullet one how we define an externality as an impact

Public opinion surveys reveal that citizens are concerned about many of these issues, especially privacy and data protection.

6Case studies: a sectoral [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.eu7Roadmap(s)Case study insights will be consolidated and used to build two roadmaps:A research roadmap that focuses on what research, knowledge, technologies and skills are necessary to capture a greater share of the big data market by EuropeA policy roadmap for the development, use, re-use and linking of big data

These will be produced in collaboration with stakeholders, especially advisory board members and members of the big data [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.euThe big data communityInitially comprises AB membersIntended to be as large as possibleFinal form to be determinedA virtual and physical presence is intendedPossibly organised into different working groups, tackling specific questionsWill implement the BYTE Roadmap(s)

@BYTE_EUwww.byte-project.euKey outputsReportDelivery dateD3.2: Case study reports on the positive and negative externalities associated with the use of big data in different sectors May 2015; (M15)D5.1: The BYTE vision for the use of big data in five years Feb 2016; (M24)D6.1: A BYTE research and policy roadmap for big data Aug 2016; (M30)D7.3: Final report and policy guidelines Feb 2017; (M36)@BYTE_EUwww.byte-project.euKey milestonesEventLocationApprox. DateDisciplinary focus groupsFrance, Norway, the Netherlands and ItalyMarch 2015 Validation workshop on horizontal analysisIrelandAug 2015Visioning workshopThe NetherlandsJan 2016Validation workshop on the BYTE roadmapAustriaJuly 2016Big data community workshopItalyDec 2016BYTE final conferenceHungaryFeb [email protected]_EUwww.byte-project.euDisciplinary focus groupsIntended to examine the externalities produced within each of the case studies, and each of the case study sectors7 focus groups, focusing on each of the case study sectorsWill be conducted in France, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy11Todays workshopWill focus on identifying the potential externalities (impacts) that should be considered within the case study research.Will showcase presentations from: Work package 1 Setting the stage on big dataWork package 2 Elements of societal impactAcademic and industry experts on dealing with the societal impacts of big data

Your comments, criticisms and further ideas are welcome and we appreciate your feedback.

@BYTE_EUwww.byte-project.euQUESTIONSAny questions?

Key contacts: Kush Wadhwa, [email protected] Finn, [email protected]

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