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Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinary community for addressing societal externalities BYTE Community Overview Edward Curry Insight @ NUI Galway BYTE Work Package 8 Leader


  • 1. BYTE:Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinary community foraddressing societal externalitiesBYTE Community OverviewEdward CurryInsight @ NUI GalwayBYTE Work Package 8 LeaderBIG Final Event WorkshopHeidelberg, 30 Sept 2014

2. Mobilising found [email protected]_EU www.byte-project.euFounddataDataexhaustDarkdata 3. Project details: BYTEBig data roadmap and cross-disciplinarY community for addressing socieTal Externalities (BYTE)projectMarch 2014 Feb 2017; 36 months Funded by DG-CNCT: 2.25 million (Grant agreement no: 619551) 11 Partners 10 [email protected]_EU 4. Key outcomesDefine research efforts and policy measures necessary for responsible participation inthe big data economyVision for Big Data for Europe for 2020, incorporating externalities Amplify positive externalities Diminish negative onesRoadmap Research Roadmap Policy RoadmapFormation of a Big Data community Implement the roadmap Sustainability [email protected]_EU 5. Process for policy recommendationsWP1: ContextsettingWP2: Literaturereview ofexternalitiesWP3: CasestudiesWP4:[email protected]_EU www.byte-project.euWP5: Foresightexercise toidentify futureneedsWP6: Researchand policyroadmapBuilding the BYTE big data community 6. Big data concerns: externalities The effects of a decision by stakeholders (e.g., governments, industry, scientists, policy-makers)that have an impact on a third party (especially members of the public). May be positive or negativeEconomic Boost to theeconomy Innovation Increase efficiency Smaller actors leftbehind Shrink economiesLegal Privacy Data protection Data ownership Copyright Risks associated withinclusion & exclusionSocial & Ethical Transparency Discrimination Methodologicaldifficulties Spuriousrelationships [email protected]_EU www.byte-project.euPolitical Reliance on USservices Services havebecome utilities Legal issues becometrade issues 7. Case studies: a sectoral approachEnvironmental data European Space Agency Earth observation programme,CopernicusEnergy StatoilUtilities / Smart Cities SiemensCultural Data The European [email protected]_EU www.byte-project.euHealthGOSgene Initiative, UniversityCollege LondonCrisis ResponseTransportDNV GL 8. Roadmap(s)Case study insights will be consolidated and used to build two roadmaps:1. A research roadmap that focuses on what research, knowledge, technologies and skills arenecessary to capture a greater share of the big data market by Europe2. A policy roadmap for the development, use, re-use and liking of big dataThese will be produced in collaboration with stakeholders, especially advisory board membersand members of the big data [email protected]_EU 9. The big data communityPolicy-makersBig datacommunityIndustryAcademicsLegal expertsCivil [email protected]_EU www.byte-project.euInitially comprised of ABmembersIntended to be as large aspossibleFinal form to be determinedA virtual and physical presenceis intendedPossibly organised intodifferent working groups,tackling specific questionsWill implement the BYTERoadmap(s) 10. Community building in BYTEAdditional,externalstakeholdersPartners inother projects,initiatives, etc.Case studysectorsBYTEadvisoryboardObjectives To engage different types of stakeholders tocapture the opportunities posed by big data andaddress the challenges To implement the BYTE Roadmap To identify new challenges and opportunitiesposed by big data and mobilise stakeholders tomeet these To capture a greater share of the big data marketfor [email protected]_EU 11. Big Data Community:Bringing together social scientists & industrial practitionersEnergyBig DataCommunity:Social scientists& industrialpractitionersUtilitiesCrisisResponseEnvironmentaldataTransportCultural DataHealthStakeholders in the Community Academics Social scientists Civil society organisations Open data activists Policy-makers Project partners Industry representatives Practitioners Computer scientists [email protected]_EU 12. Big Data Community disseminationBig data projects,initiatives, etc.BYTE [email protected]_EU www.byte-project.euRelated projects, initiatives,standards organisations, etc. 13. QUESTIONSAny questions?Key contacts: Kush Wadhwa, [email protected] Rachel Finn, [email protected] you for your [email protected]_EU