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Innovating the Mobile Internet May 2, 2009

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  • 1. Innovating the Mobile Internet May 2, 2009
  • 2. Agenda
    • Overview and our genesis
    • Executive team and customer base
    • Global footprint: Bytemobile offices
    • A birds eye view of our technology & products
    • Bytemobile European Development Center (BEDC)
      • History & experience of our presence in Patras, Greece
    • The outlook
  • 3. Bytemobile Facts
    • Founded in 2000
    • University of Illinois startup others include Netscape, YouTube, PayPal, AMD, Oracle, etc
    • Innovator in wireless, mobile data services: Turning 3G+ into optimized , intelligent multimedia delivery networks
    • Deployments in 105+ networks in 55 countries
    • 12 of 15 top tier-one wireless operators
    • Over 1 billion subscribers serviced by install base
  • 4. Customers 105+ mobile network operators in 55 countries serving more than a billion total subscribers
  • 5. Global Operations and our BEDC team Americas EMEA Asia Pacific Mountain View, CA Champaign, IL Boston, MA Bracknell, UK Patras, Greece Dubai, UAE Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Singapore Chatswood, Australia
  • 6. The Bytemobile Unison Solution Internet Bytemobile Mobile Internet Gateway Access Router (GGSN, PDSN/HA, ASN GW) Operator Services
  • 7. Product and Application Overview
  • 8. Our European Development Center in Patras, GR
    • Today numbers over 60 full time employees
      • Architecture and design
      • Product development
      • Custom engineering
      • System Integration
      • Customer support
      • Professional Services
    • VP of Product Development based in BEDC for the past 2 years
    • Partnership with inAccess that spans solutions engineering and product partnerships
    • Local business cycle in excess of $2.5M per year and growing
  • 9. Bytemobile European Development Center
    • Established in Patras since 2003
    • Constant Growth ever since
  • 10. BEDC How it happened
    • Bytemobile was born at the University of Illinois
    • Bytemobile Greece was born at the University of Patras
    • Visionary, motivator (and brother of our CTO and founder) was Prof. Eleftherios Polychronopoulos
    • Group of his students founded Daedalus Inc. in 2001/02
      • Bytemobile and Daedalus cooperation started in 2003
      • Bytemobile acquired Daedalus in December 2003
      • Bytemobile decided to build a key new product in Patras Web Fidelity
      • Coincided with (at the time) chief architect move to Patras
    • Eleftherios remains the chief recruiter for Bytemobile
  • 11. Outlook
    • Difficulties
      • Plenty of green talent but lack of experienced engineers in Patras
      • General lack of engineering managers in Patras
      • Infrastructure (modern IT lab space, office space, broadband connectivity, IT support, supply chain lead times, etc.)
      • Stability (power, roads, strikes, etc.)
    • Outlook
      • Bytemobile has been building the talent necessary to take our company to the next level
      • Project strong growth of our BEDC team in the next 2-3 years
      • Extension into Athens office has already begun
  • 12. Thank You