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Hain Celestial Group Earnings reportBest Regards, Bill Stankiewicz Vice President and General Manager Shippers Warehouse of Georgia Office: 678-364-3475 Sustainable Consumer Packaged Goods member CPG Branding and Forum MemberPlease consider the environment before printing this e-mail“Change doesn\'t start on the surface. It\'s generated from consciousness.”Deepak Chopra


  • 1. NATURAL 2010 Annual Report
  • 2. LA RUTA N
  • 3. BEING NATURAL & ORGANIC IS IN OUR HEART. The Hain Celestial Group is a leading natural and organic products company in North America and Europe. We are a leader in many natural categories with well-known brands. Our mission is to be the leading marketer, manufacturer and seller of natural and organic products by anticipating and exceeding consumer expectations in providing quality, innovation, value and convenience. We are committed to growing our Company while continuing to implement environmentally sound business practices and manufacturing processes.
  • 4. A MESSAGE FROM IRWIN D. SIMON FISCAL YEAR 2010 WAS AN EXCITING AND FULFILLING YEAR FOR THE HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP EVEN WITH THE CHALLENGING ECONOMY, AS THE COMPANY GAINED MOMENTUM ON NUMEROUS FRONTS AND CLOSED ON SEVERAL MEANINGFUL ACQUISITIONS. WE DELIVERED SOLID SALES AND EARNINGS AND WE EXITED THE YEAR WITH GROWING CONSUMPTION AFTER A PERIOD OF FLAT OR DECLINING TRENDS, ATTRIBUTABLE IN LARGE PART TO THE RECESSION. OUR OPERATING PERFORMANCE CONTINUED TO BUILD QUARTER-OVER-QUARTER FROM AN ESTABLISHED BASE OF BUSINESS ACROSS VARIOUS CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION AS CONSUMERS RECOGNIZE THE VALUE OF MAINTAINING HEALTHY LIFESTYLES. It was also a year of recognizing overweight or obese, and there We continue to remind consumers milestones with our Arrowhead are similar patterns of increasing that eating natural minimally- Mills and JA SN TM brands obesity in Canada and other coun- processed foods is preferable to celebrating their 50th year, our tries. Just 20 years ago, 10% of consuming processed foods and Celestial Seasonings brand cele- school-age children and less than that preservatives and artificial brating 40 years and our Earths 50% of adults were considered ingredients intended to enhance Best brand celebrating its 25th overweight or obese. flavors and colors should be birthday! avoided, especially with our We have, therefore, worked to children. We have increased our A Healthy Way of Life. At Hain develop innovative products that product presence in schools from Celestial we understand that A meet the needs of consumers early childhood to colleges with Healthy Way of Life extends who want to mitigate or reduce both vending and menu offerings. beyond providing natural and their risk of related diseases. We were also one of the first organic products to promoting Currently we market hundreds companies to voluntarily join the healthy dietary and personal care of natural and organic products National Salt-Reduction Initiative, habits. We are concerned about that have reduced fat, sodium which seeks to reduce salt con- the increased prevalence of and sugar without sacrificing taste sumption among Americans by chronic diseases including obesity, and quality or adding artificial 20% over the next five years, diabetes, heart disease and hyper- ingredients. Our Hain Pure Protein with most of our participating tension that impact our population minority investee markets poultry products meeting targets set for and which may be mitigated with that is free of antibiotics and hor- achievement by 2012. We foster healthier eating. In the United mones, and which is vegetarian healthy bodies by continuing to States it has been reported that fed on family farms that treat make our products more nutri- nearly 70% of adults and 32% animals humanely. tious including the use of whole of school-age children are either grains, fiber and protein.
  • 5. 2010 ANNUAL REPORT Worldwide Sales of $917.3 Million ited State Canada Europe Un s $ 722.2m $ 63.2m $ 131.9m Other countries to which our products are exported. Sales reflected in country of origin. Financial Highlights. The Company products to a major retailer in the our business while international achieved sales of $917.3 million United Kingdom and sales related sales represented approximately in fiscal year 2010 through strong to the deconsolidation of Hain 20% of our business. performance in key categories Pure Protein at the end of fiscal Despite the challenging economy, with brand contributions from year 2009. Additionally, during we continued to pursue our multi- the sales of our Earths Best , fiscal year 2010, we experienced year productivity initiative, and on Celestial Seasonings, Rice decreased sales resulting from a worldwide basis we achieved Dream , Imagine , Spectrum significant inventory reductions more than $15 million through Naturals , MaraNatha , Terra , initiated by two large distributors cost savings and improved plant Garden of Eatin, Yves Veggie in North America, the impact of utilization. Cuisine, Lima, Arrowhead Mills which was partially offset with and JASNTM, Avalon Organics increased sales in other channels. The strength of our balance sheet and Alba Botanica brands. Our Across a broad spectrum of cus- and commitment to financial funda- sales were flat when adjusted tomers in various classes of trade, mentals, coupled with our operat- for the discontinuance of sales our sales in the United States rep- ing free cash flow of $59.6 million1, related to the supply of food-to-go resented approximately 80% of enabled us to fund $50 million 1 Operating Free Cash Flow is a non-GAAP financial measure which we view as important because it is one factor in evaluating the amount of cash available for discretionary investment and is defined as cash provided from operating activities less capital expenditures. For fiscal year 2010, cash provided from operating activities was $