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PowerPoint Presentation2015-2016 AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOTIVEINDUSTRY INSIGHTS by SPARC MEDIAData collected from Pureprofile Research Panel in April 2016. n = 500Results through InsightsPURCHASE DECISIONS USING ONLINE RESOURCES74% will start the search for their next car onlineof which 31% will first go to search enginesand 30% directly to car brand websites.Results through InsightsBRAND LOYALTYare happy to switch brands.are loyal customers and would stick to the same brand.72%28%Results through InsightsMOTIVATIONwill look for a new car in order to upgrade to a better one.only a fraction are motivated by wanting something more environmentally friendly.32%1%Results through InsightsIMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS WHEN LOOKING TO BUY A CARPRICE SAFETY & RELIABILITY72% 29%RUNNING COSTS11%Only 4% consider brand to be the most important factor and 3% rate in-car technology as the most important.Results through InsightsDISTANCE PEOPLE WILL TRAVEL IF THEY SAVED 5% ON THE PURCHASE PRICE10 km30 km50 kmMore than 50 km23%22%13%35%Results through InsightsOPPORTUNITIESMotivationPeople are driven by the motivation to upgrade to a new car. Use this as a driver in your advertising campaigns.ReachMajority of your customers begin their search online. Reach them with Programmatic Advertising.PricePrice is a big factor in purchase decision. Target advertising around value for money.Brand LoyaltyLack of brand loyalty provides you the opportunity to persuade people to switch brands, with the right message.Results through InsightsCALL US TODAY! 8206 8844 Suite 501-502, Lv 5 Grafton Bond Building201 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000Results through Insights