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Gual Barwell - Holler, Christian Bartens - Datalicious, Barry Mowszowski - Starcom. Spoke at a NSW Youngbloods' event coined 50 Shades of Grey at Holler Sydney. In an effort to shed light on what big data means to the media and creative industries. How we can improve our consultative approach with clients to enhance their data programs as well as better leverage data to create quantifiable media and creative insights.


  • 1.Introduction

2. Agenda1. What is Big Data: Drawing a Line in the Sand2. Our Speakers:1. Christian Bartens Founder & Director, Datalicious2. Barry Mowszowski Creative Strategy Director, Starcom3. Gual Barwell Creative Strategist, Holler Sydney3. Q&A4. Thanks 3. Data has alwaysbeen powerfulBut what is BigData? 4. Basically BIGDATA is this Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved 5. Being drivenby 6. Challenge 7. Big Data is a BIGtopicThere are opportunities to be unlocked in data both in solvingcomplex business challenges as well as better understandingconsumers and in the process unlocking valuable creativeinsights.In this session we will not cover everything. But what we will tryand cover is:1. How to be smarter in our approach to data and marketing2. How do we collaborate to create more effective use of data3. How do we mine it, understand it and then best leverage it4. What are the creative and innovation opportunities 8. Christian Bartens Founder and DirectorAdvocate for smart datadriven marketing. 9. PURCHASE PATHSChannels, devices, creative, etc 10. ABOUT DATALICIOUSNovember 2012 Datalicious Pty Ltd 11 11. CHALLENGE: CHANNEL OVERLAP OnlineMobile RetailNovember 2012 Datalicious Pty Ltd 12 12. SOLUTION: PURCHASE PATHS CHANNEL TV > DISPLAY > SEARCH > ONLINE SALE TV > DISPLAY > SEARCH > RETAIL/CALL CENTER SALE DEVICE LAPTOP > TABLET > MOBILE > SALE CREATIVE CREATIVE 1 > CREATIVE 2 > CREATIVE N > SALE CONTENT ARTICLE 1 > ARTICLE 2 > ARTICLE N > SALENovember 2012Datalicious Pty Ltd 13 13. COMBIN PATHS COMMON UNIQUE IDENTIFIER OR CUSTOMER ID Home Office MobileTablet []QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ON CUSTOMER SAMPLENovember 2012Datalicious Pty Ltd14 14. ATTRIBUTING CREDIT100 $100 %33% 33% 33% $100X%Y%Z%$100November 2012 Datalicious Pty Ltd15 15. ATTRIBUTING CREDITNovember 2012 Datalicious Pty Ltd 16 16. IMPACT #1: MEASUREMENTNovember 2012 Datalicious Pty Ltd 17 17. IMPACT #2: TARGETINGPURCHASE DATAPRODUCT PRODUCT DEFAULTCHANNEL DEVICECYCLEPOINT CATEG. ACATEG. BDEFAULTN/A PAY TV CONSOLECONSIDER. PRODUCTDISPLAY LAPTOPRESEARCHVIEWPURCHASEADD TOSEARCHMOBILE INTENTCART EXISTING LOGIN EMAILTABLETCUSTOMER November 2012 Datalicious Pty Ltd18 18. THE BIG IDEA & PATHSCHANNEL 1>2>N BIGIDEACREATIVE DEVICE 1>2>N 1>2>NNovember 2012Datalicious Pty Ltd19 19. BarryMowszowskiCreative Strategy DirectorData as a weapon for storytelling 20. DATA/Knowledge inspired preventative action 21. uptown vs. downtownMuch More than a state of mind 22. MULTI-SCREEN DATA SHARING 23. Data vacuumI0 hours into the storm:285,000 photos tagged #sandy, 172,000 photostagged #hurricanesandy and 26,000 photostagged #frankenstorm 24. power as umbilical chord 25. Off-line became the new online localized experience sharing 26. Heroic brand response 27. Leveraging Data to fuel brandexperiences for storytelling 28. Creating brand experiences acrossOwned, Paid and Earned media 29. Lateral creative solutions to real business problems 30. ReactiveVS.Proactive use of data 31. Owned assetsdigital spines for brandsPipeline of insights & data capturing 32. From multi-screento multi-layered content experiences 33. DATA AS A WEAPON FORSTORYTELLING Provoke & Leverage 34. Begin each day with a data dashboard 35. Google Trends: Think withGoogle: ConsumerBarometer: GOMO: 36. Gual Barwell Senior Creative StrategistThe creative opportunity indata analytics is largelyunrecognized and fertile 37. DispellingPreconceptionsIn a recent IBM report 63% ofbusiness studied are seeingbig data as a key to creating acompetitive advantage. Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved 38. Where do we sit?WisdomCreativeMedia IntelligenceDigitalAnalysisMediaDataClientData Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved 39. Big Data is a BIG topicMy perspective Agencies need to establish their own dataacumen and literacy. Creating IP and understanding around theimpacts, effects and opportunities that are present in this spaceBut,WE DONT need BIG data capabilities per say. We need to beable to apply insights and analysis from partners, clients and pastlearnings into future campaigns and projects. But to have theseBIG DATA capabilities in house is nonsensical. 40. So what is theopportunity?That depends 41. StrategyStronger Insights:Cultural anthropology, technological ethnography and a strong need fora more beta mentality. 42. Its easierDone than said Ajaz Ahmed & Stefan Olander 43. Perceptive 44. Ethnography 45. OptimizationData isnt a dirty word? 46. OptimizationIt is actually creatively liberating 47. Data can bebeautiful 48. Data can bebeautiful 49. Data can bebeautiful 50. In closingTwo routes; client & agencyBe consumer centricBe pragmatic look at what you are alreadygenerating and how you can enhance and betterintegrate learningsBe creativeBe prepared to re-examineDont discount the power of observation inunderstanding data patternsIdentify projects and not just campaignsSee it as a liberating tool creatively Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved 51. In closing Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved 52. In closing 53. Questions Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved 54. ThanksBarry MowszowskiCreative Strategy DirectorStarcom MediavestT +61 (0)2 8666 8072E BartensFounder and DirectorDataliciousM +61 (0)423 051 166E cbartens@datalicious.comGual BarwellSenior Creative StrategistT 02 9469 5910M 0410 927 617E 55. HollerSuite 530 Boronia StEast Redfern, Sydney2016T 02 9469 5901M 0410 927 relevant work : Copyright 2012 Holler Sydney. All Rights Reserved