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Yahoo! Search BOSS


  • 1. Yahoo! Search BOSS
    Praveen P.N (
    twitter @holydevil
  • 2. What is BOSS?
    Build your Own Search Service
  • 3. What does boss give you?
    • Search Data and Infrastructure
    • 4. Monetization (We give you Ads!!)
    • 5. Support and Tools
    BOSSis a service that provides you (the developer) flexible access to different types of data from Yahoo and allows you to build powerful commercial search applications with that data.
    BOSSprovides you Search Advertising and simple terms so that you can monetize that innovative product and continue to invest your personal time in it.
    BOSSalso gives you Support and Tools to get your product working.
  • 6.
    • Restful XML and JSON API
    • 7. Web, Image, Spelling, News and Search Ads
    • 8. More services soon
    • 9. Flexibility to Blend and Re-rank Results
    • 10. Create your own look and feel
    • 11. Change ranking
    • 12. Mix it with other APIs
    • 13. OAuthbased Authentication
    What does that mean?
  • 14. What else do you get
    • Web and Limited Web results (smaller subset and at most 3 days old)
    • 15. Complex query combinations and filters
    • 16. Search for data in different markets
    • 17. Image attributes like height, width, etc
    • 18. Time span filtering for News Search
    • 19. Document type filtering
    • 20. Extended abstracts
    • 21. Recognizes most search filters from Yahoo! and Google (backdoor hacks)