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1. CREATING A WEB-SITE Tracy Miller Online Teaching Coordinator Northern Illinois University Christina Gilman Graduate Assistant Northern Illinois University 2. Objectives To help you gain confidence in creating simple websites in order to design assessments which would benefit from student-created websites as a final project To provide you with a tool to grade website products 3. Review of this mornings session Student-created Websites 4. Grading Websites Needs Improvement Minimally Acceptable Meets Expectations Above Expectations Structure Structure is cluttered with poor layout and navigation Structure is useable, but not user friendly Structure is easy to navigate and the layout makes sense Structure is exceptional and has a very good layout and navigation plan Content There are several inaccuracies in the content provide. Does not meet academic standards. Almost all of the content information is accurate. Minimally meets academic standards. Most of the content information is accurate. Meets academic standards All information provided by the student is accurate. Meets/exceeds academic standards. Visually Appealing Colors, themes, and visual choices are lacking Some of the visual elements are sound, some are distracting Most of the visual elements are consistent and appealing Excellent visual choices, appealing to the audience, and enhances the content 5. Contact Information Tracy.miller@niu.edu Office: (815)753-8315 Adams Hall 312 @tracymiller256