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Notings from a Talk at a recent forum consisting of Management Graduates.


1. The three key differences that separates super high achievers from everyday people 1. 2. 3. They have unusual clarity about their purpose, mission, vision and goals They have developed powerful success habits discipline of success They take 100 % responsibility for their results and they are action oriented 2. E R O Events + Response = Outcome 3 levels of MASTERY 1. 2. 3. Cognitive Emotional Physical Thoughts creates the world and then says.I didnt do it David Bohm, Physicist You control your attitude by what you think. 3. YOU ARE AN AVERAGE OF 5 PEOPLE YOU HANG OUT WITH THE POWER OF A FORCE FIELD CREATED BY AN INTENTION IS THE SQUARE OF THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE HOLDING THE SAME INTENTION AT THE SAME TIME IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL, YOU HAVE TO ELIMINATE THE PHRASE I CANT 4. BE CLEAR WHY YOU ARE HERE ( CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE) 1. 2. 3. 4. CLEAR INTENTION POSITIVE EXPERIENCE ACTIONPERSEVERANCE LAW OF ATTRACTION It doesnt take any more effort to dream a big dream than it takes to dream a small dream General Wesley Clark 5. 1. UNLEASH THE POWER OF GOAL SETTING 2. WRITING DOWN GOALS INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF SUCCESS BY 1100% 3. 44% OF PEOPLE WHO WROTE GOALS FOLLOWED THROUGH ON THE GOALS 4. PEOPLE WHO WRITE DOWN THEIR GOALS EARN 9 TIMES AS MUCH OVER THEIR LIFETIME AS PEOPLE WHO DONT 6. TAKE ACTION 2 KINDS OF ACTIONS OBVIOUS ACTION INSPIRED ACTION WHAT STOPS US FROM TAKING ACTION ? ASK FOR FEEEDBACK REJECT REJECTION SWSWSWSW PRACTICE PERSISTENCE NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR GOALS 7. BORN TO FLY 8. What is Success FOR YOU ? LOTS OF MONEY HIGH STATUS POWER TO EXERCISE HIGHEST RECOGNITION CELEBRITY TAG GLOBAL POSTINGS MANY FRIENDS . Success is not a measure of the acceptance of you by others, it's acceptance of one's self. 9. 1. DEVELOP A MARKETABLE CORPORATE PERSONA 2. ESTABLISH PROFITABLE REALATIONSHIPS 3. MASTER TRANSFERABLE SKILSS AS GOAL SETTING, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, AND TIME MANAGEMENT 4. STAY MOTIVATED DESPITE TRYING CIRCUMSTANCES 5. GET PEOPLE TO COOPERATE 6. BE PROACTIVE ABOUT YOUR CAREER GROWTH 10. Assuming you work from age 22 to age 65 for 235 days a year, you'll be on someone else's clock for about 80,000 hours, or one tenth of your life. Isn't it only fair that you do everything you can to create a rewarding job experience? 11. Your Career Development is your own responsibility in this ever changing Talent Market SUCCESS in CAREER 1. Develop a heightened Biz understanding 2. Refine important Leadership skills NO MAGIC FORMULA to guarantee your CAREER SUCCESS Sustained effort Street Smartness Insightful Strategies 12. Leaders aren't bornthey aren't even made. They decide that now is the time to be and do more. 1. 2. 3. 4. Level 1 - U Lead Yourself Level 2 - U Lead one other Person Level 3 - U Lead Groups Level 4 - Ur Leadership influences communities beyond yourself and those you know 13. Take responsibility for your Career Treat every encounter & conversation with people as an Interview Focus on your Strengths Dont become a workaholic overproduce/overachieve Balance your focus on Results with a focus on People Stop being in love with sound of your own voice 80/20 Never be unemployed, not even for a day Dont suffer an abusive boss Under promise & Over deliver Find Mentors in this room 14. A person can perform only from Strength, One cannot build performance on weakness Peter Drucker 15. The test that I use Ask, is it a JOB at the intersection of what you LIKE to do, what youre GOOD at, and what someone will PAY you to do ? And if youre at the intersection of those 3 spheres youre in the right job. Millions of people dont do it; they take the HIGHEST PAYING JOB, the HIGHEST STATUS JOB, probably as many people take the wrong job as marry the wrong person. 16. **From Rich Dads Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert T Kiyosaki 17. That was a presentation by Naveen Kumar Master Coach & Performance Consultant Email: