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<ul><li> PRESENTATION ON PROJECT TIGER </li> <li> DESCRIPTION OF A TIGER LENGTH- 4.6-12.2FT WEIGHT-220-675POUNDS COLOUR AND MARKINGS:ORANGE WITH WHITE BELLY AND BLACK STRIPES SHAPE: OVAL BODY THAT IS LOW TO THE GROUND </li> <li> PROJECT TIGER IS A WILDLIFE CONSERVATION MOVEMENT INITIATED IN INDIA IN 1973 TO PROTECT TIGER,IT HAS BEEN ONE OF OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL COSERVATION VENTURES IN RECENT TIMES. THE PROJECT AIMS AT THE TIGER CONSERVATION ESPECIALLY IN TIGER RESERVES WHICH ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF VARIOUS BIO GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS FALLING WITHIN INDIA. THE PROJECT AIMS AT STABLIZING THE POPULATION OF THE TIGER IN THE COUNTRY. PROJECT TIGER </li> <li> GOALS AND OBJECTIVESTHE PROJECT TIGER WAS MEANT TO INDENTIFY THE LIMITING FACTORS AND TO MITIGATE THEM USING SUITABLE MANAGEMENT. THE DAMAGES DONE TO THE HABITAT WERE TO BE RECTIFIED SO AS TO FACILITATETHE RECOVERY OF THE ECOSYSTEM TO THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE EXTENT. IT STRIVES TO MAINTIAN A VIABLE TIGER POPULATIONIN THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. </li> <li> WORK DONE IN 2008 THERE WRE MORE THAN 40 PROJECT TIGER RESERVES COVERING AN AREA OF 37,761 sq km. PROJECT TIGER HELPED TO INCREASE THE POPULATION OF THESE TIGERS FROM 1,200 IN THE 1970s TO 3,500 IN 1990s. HOWEVER A SERVEY DONE IN 2008 SHOWED THAT THE POPULATION OF TIGERS HAVE DROPPPED TO 1,411. </li> <li> HABITATS BEING COVERED The potential tiger habitats being covered are: Sivalik Terai Conservation Unit (UTTRANCHAL, UP, BIHAR &amp; WEST BANGAL) &amp; NEPAL North east Conservation Unit SUNDABENS Conservation Unit Central Indian Conservation Unit Eastern Ghat Conservation Unit Western GHAT Conservation Units </li> <li> TECHNOLOGY USED 'Tiger Atlas of India' and a 'Tiger Habitat and Population Evaluation System' for the country is being developed using state-of-the-art technology. This involves:- Mapping, data acquisition and GIS modeling Field data collection and validation Data Maintenance, dissemination and use </li> <li> ORGANIZATION Project Tiger is administered by the NATIONAL TIGER CONSERVATION AUTHORITY The overall administration of the project is monitored by a Steering Committee. A Field Director is appointed for each reserve, who is assisted by the field and technical personnel. At the centre, a full- fledged Director of the project coordinates the work for the country </li> <li> CURRENT STATUS OF TIGER IN INDIA India holds over half the world's tiger population. According to the latest tiger census report released on March 28, 2011 by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the current tiger population estimated is 1,706 (i.e. ranging between a minimum of 1,571 to a maximum of 1,875). The results include figures from 17 Indian states with a tiger population </li> <li> GRADING THE TIGER RESERVES 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 N am dapha N STR Valm ikiPakke KM TRBhadraN am eriD am pa BuxaBandipurPeriyarSim lipalPalam au Sundarbans PercentofMaximumScore Very good Score &gt;135 (&gt;75%) Maximum Score = 180 Good Score 108 134 (&gt;60 -</li></ul>