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This presentation was put together by my Consumer Behavior class on a way to build Tiger Wood\s image.


  • 1. Background The Good
    • 1996 Enters the world of Professional Golf and named Sports Illustrateds 1996 Sportsman of the Year and PGA Tour Rookie of the Year
  • April 1997 Won The Masters, with a record score of18 under par
  • Current Sponsors:
  • 2000 - Youngest player to achieve the career Grand Slam
  • 1.4 million Facebook fans
  • Won 14 professional major golf championships
  • 71 PGA Tour events
  • September 2009 Worlds first Billion-Dollar athlete
  • July 2010 Forbes announces Woods as the richest sportsman

2. Background The Bad

  • December 2009 Woods announced he would leave professional golf to focus on his marriage after he admitted infidelity
  • December 2009 Accenture and AT&T drop Woods as a spokesperson
  • February 2010 Gatorade decides to no longer sponsor Woods
  • March 2010 Announces he will play at the Masters in April
  • July 2010 Endorsements are down 30% year over year
  • August 2010 Played in the Bridgestone Invitational finishing
  • 18 over partying for 78 thplace.Woods posted his worst
  • four-round result as a professional golfer.
  • August 2010 Sunday Corp to the rescue

3. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Number 1 player on the Official World Golf Rankings Number 1 on the PGA Tour money list for his career in total Has held all PGA Tour tournament wins at the same time Youngest to complete Grand Slam Holds lowest score in relation to par on all four major tournaments Highest number of career tournament wins and PGA Tour wins Tiger was still the highest paid golfer in sponsorships at the 2010 Masters. Although Accenture, AT&T and Gatorade has discontinued their contracts with Tiger, he continues to have endorsement worth $50MM. Current sponsorships include: Nike, Tag Heuer, EA Sports, Gillette, the PGA Tour Current infidelities Pending divorce with Elin will tarnish his reputation of family man permanently 2010 tournament play weak for Tiger Earnings down $22 million in 2010 4. SWOT Opportunities Threats Mickelson affair allows Tiger room to rebound from current scandal Social buzz around Tiger is still strong, Tiger can capture on current buzz to help his reputation and get back to golf Regain lost sponsorships (Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade) Fierce and diverse competition among top players, especially Phil Mickelson Diversity in the game Sponsorships doing fine without Tiger, including Golf Digest The additional media Tiger Woods scandal has brought to the game has threatened players security. The 2010 Masters tournament was the first time the PGA and the Augusta National Golf Club has had to worry about paparazzi. 5. Competitive Landscape Phil Mickelson Ernie Els Lee Westwood Steve Stricker Jim Furyk 6. From the research findings we conclude: Creative shouldnotreinforce or continue to apologize for his actions, but rather it should help consumers forget about these negative events. Our belief is that the best method to accomplish or speed up this task is torebrand Tiger .We will showcase him as less intense, aloof, and determined to a fault And Present him as more humorous, more friendly, and more interactivewith the general public. We will make Tiger seem like a whole new manwhile continuing to communicate his greatnesson the golf course. Creative Strategy 7. Definition:the believability of the communicator as perceived by the recipient of the message Importance :credible spokesman will be more likely to entice a consumer to believe a pitch and ultimately purchase a productStudies : Hovland et al, EisendSource Credibility 8. Method:Subjects were presented identical information credited to different sources.Findings :Subjects were more likely to initially believe the sources they perceived to be more credible.Over time, the bias wore off and only the information was remembered, not the messenger.Hovland termed this the Sleeper Effect.Hovland Study 9. Purpose:To determine if a generalized concept of source credibility exists. Conclusion : There are three main drivers of source credibility; inclination toward the truth, potential of truth, and presentation.Eisend Study 10. New Logo 11. Story Board Open on Tiger with restaurant manager. Manager explains Tigers not cut out for being a chef. Manager consoles Tiger by saying he likes his Ice Trick 12. Story Board . . .But the meatball fiasco, among other things, is forcing him to let Tiger go. Manager encourages him to return to golf. . .because hes the MAN when it comes to golf. Title Card presents new Tiger logo. 13. Campaign Details

  • Campaign will continue with similar commercials, print, radio, etc. where Tiger is inan every-man type of job, doesnt succeed, and is encouraged to focus on golf. Mood will remain humorous, friendly throughout.
  • Takes a light-hearted approach to the fact that Tiger is not the best off the course, but continues to drive home that he is an authority on the course.
  • Our fallible Tiger off the course, will be likeable.. .and if consumers like Tiger again, weve done our job.