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Powerpoint of images of open source softwares etc., converted into video for use with my presentation at LIR Group's Annual Seminar 2014.


  • 1. OPEN SOURCEO V E R V I EW O F A P P L I C A T I O N SMA R C H 2 0 1 4

2. GENERALPRODUCTIVITY 3. DESKTOP APPLICATIONS 4. WEB CONFERENCINGOR SCREEN CAST ING 5. ONLINE SERVICES &WEB DEVELOPMENT 6. PC MANAGEMENT 7. LIBRARY & RESEARCH 8. LMS/ILS/ WEB SERVICESPLATFORM 9. OPAC, RESOURCEDISCOVERY, ETC. 10. ONLINE PUBLISHING 11. RESEARCH & LIBRARY TOOLS 12. SUPPORT FOR OPENSOURCE APPS 13. LINKS5:26 PM Koha | Catalyst IT - New Zealand'sleading open source company YourLibrarySite | directcommunities Sequoia The Open Source Experts The Open Source Experts sequoia - Google Search LibLime is the global leader in Kohasupport. Koha Support, Training, Migration,Hosting and Development Services Koha Open Source ILS Support fromByWater Solutions Interleaf Technology | LibraryServices in Ireland | Products andServices | Library ManagementSystems | Evergreen Interleaf Technology | LibraryServices in Ireland | LibraryManagement Systems The Social OPAC about Scriblio Get Scriblio about Scriblio News Omeka Open Source Software: NewPossibilities for Museums Ideum Kete: Open Source Software forCommunity Digital LIbraries Examples :: Greenstone Digital LibrarySoftware Welcome :: Greenstone Digital LibrarySoftware Reserves Direct | Library Open-Source Software Registry Course Reserves Overview - Robert W.Woodruff Library - Emory University calibre - E-book management