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Ideas for music video

Ideas for music videoNelly- Just a dream

Whats going to happen in videoMan reflects on his past relationship with his ex. Hes gets upset just of the fought that he isn't with her anymore. Hes also full of regret for his actions so youll see him upset and alone through out the video. He has flashbacks of his time with ex at some stages of the video. Even when hes surrounded by people he is friends with, hes depressed. This is the basis of my video. Throughout the video, the video and lyrics will match up.

Some locations of videoOn an empty street is one location to show that the main performer is alone etc.In a house and on the streets for when the main performer is reminiscing on the times that he had with his ex. Also for this shopping centres etc.Bedroom for when main performer when he is thinking about his past. Club/party And other places

Actors/Actresses/Performers- Costumes One person being the performer of the song (lip syncing) this person is also the main person of the narrative. Need a female to play main performers ex in the video. Also need a couple of extra people for the narrative for certain parts of the song such as main performers friends and people in a party (will make sense once the video has been made as to why I need friends and people in a party). Also need a male actor to play the girls current partner. (showing that shes moved on, so video matches lyrics). The costumes are casual everyday clothes, this is appropriate for the video because the meaning of the lyrics can relate to many peoples situation. So clothes that is considered normal to the majority of people is what should be worn. Basically nothing out of the ordinary and nothing funky.

Visual styleMany shot types will be used. For when the performer is lip syncing, there will be lots of close ups to show the performers facial expression. Throughout the video, his facial expression will be sad/depressed/upset etc. Birds eye view/extreme long shot etc to establish the locations. Also other shots will be used. I think black and white colour effect will be appropriate for some parts of the video. Also a visual blur will be used sometimes as an effect.

Matching video to lyricsThis is the main and most important aspect of the video. It will need to match the lyrics. I will be doing this by, for example, for when the lyric If you ever loved somebody put your hands up is being heard, the visuals could be a bunch of 20-30 people putting their hands up in the air, people from all different backgrounds and looking at he camera whilst the camera is at a long shot. This example could be used in the video.