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  1. 1. Podcasts: Podcast is an audio file which is on the internet for downloading. You can download it on your computers or your mobile phone. Podcasts are mostly available as a series. If your subscribed you will automatically receive new podcasts. Internet radio: Internet radio is only broadcasting online which means it can be listened to all around the world, Internet plays types of genres of music such as Rock or dance type of music. In- store radio: In-store radio is when a shop put a certain song on for the type of age group that goes into the shop, such as if the shop was aimed at young adults the music will be way louder than it will be for older adults.
  2. 2. 1) Broadcast products: Broadcast products: a television or radio programme/ to send out a programme on television or radio to the target audience. 2) Terrestrial radio: To describe television channels that are broadcast from stations on the ground and do not use satellites/ the programmes that you hear when you listen to the radio. 3) Digital audio broadcasting (DAB): Digital audio broadcasting (DAB), also known as digital radio and high-definition radio, is audio broadcasting in which analogy audio is converted into a digital signal and transmitted on an assigned channel in the AM or (more usually) FM frequency range 4) Form: Is the different ways you can podcast (live, as-live, recorded, music and speech programming, commercials, drama, commentary).