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  • OIL OTHER SOURCES OF FAT olive oil macadamia nuts canola pecans coconut: refined, unrefined avocados canola olives: green, black walnut spreads: Smart Balance, Good Earth grape seed mayonnaise sunflower coconut milk safflower full fat salad dressing flaxseed avocado additional notes: _______________________ sesame: regular, toasted _____________________________________ DAIRY FATS heavy cream: 36%, 38%, 40% _____________________________________ butter: regular, European ghee _____________________________________ sour cream cream cheese _____________________________________ cream fraiche

    almonds peanuts macadamia nuts pecans brazil nuts cashews filberts (hazelnuts) pistachios walnuts pumpkin seeds sesame seeds sunflower seeds chia seeds flax seeds: regular or golden whole, meal additional notes:_____________________ __________________________________

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    ___________________________________ How to use this list

    Mark the circles to indicate food preferences Likes this item a lot, will eat regularly and family uses often in meals. will eat this item occasionally Does not like item, or has not yet tried. If there are several varieties, circle options you regularly use.

  • *** All items can be fresh or frozen, with no additional ingredients***

    EGGS BEEF chicken (whites, yolks) chuck arm: pot roast or steak duck chuck shoulder: pot roast or steak

    short ribs CHICKEN stew skinless breast blade: roast or steak skinless thighs/legs eye: roast or steak tenders cross cut shank liver (recommend organic only) brisket ground (whole chicken) skirt ground (white meat only) flank

    hanger TURKEY rib roast skinless breast rib eye: roast or steak skinless thighs/legs top loin: roast or steak ground (whole turkey) T-bone ground (white meat only) porterhouse

    sirloin steak PORK tenderloin: roast or steak (filet) shoulder: arm roast or steak rump round: roast or steak shoulder blade (Boston) roast or steak top round: roast or steak cubed steak bottom round roast kabob meat eye round: roast or steak loin blade: roast or chops tri tip country style ribs kabob loin (baby) back ribs cubed steak spareribs Ground Beef loin: roast or chops 85% lean sirloin roast, chops or cutlets 90% lean tenderloin 92% lean side pork (fresh, uncured bacon) liver (recommend organic only) leg (fresh, uncured ham) tongue shank ground GAME MEATS

    duck pheasant LAMB goat quail loin: whole or chops deer rabbit rib: standing, chop, crown elk wild boar leg bison OTHER________________ stew meat goose ground moose ______________________

  • *** All items can be fresh or frozen with no additional ingredients EXCEPT when canned is an option***

    FISH SHELLFISH bass clams: fresh or canned catfish crawfish cod crab: snow, king, white, blue, canned flounder lobster haddock oysters: fresh or canned halibut octopus mahi mahi shrimp: fresh, frozen, canned, dried orange roughy scallops perch squid (calamari) rainbow trout red snapper additional notes:_______________________ salmon: Atlantic, sockeye, coho, canned sardines: fresh or canned ____________________________________ swordfish tilapia ____________________________________ tuna: bluefin, yellowfin, ahi, canned whitefish ____________________________________ flatfish (flounder or sole)

    *** Always choose the least processed options. Whole block cheese is preferred over pre-grated to avoid anti-clumping agents.***

    plain yogurt, full fat CHEESE: Choose whole block, write your sour cream, full fat favorite varieties and brands. cream cheese, full fat cream fraiche cottage cheese, full fat ____________________________________ ricotta cheese double or clotted cream ____________________________________ milk: fresh, powdered, evaporated buttermilk ____________________________________ kefir, plain whey protein isolate powder ____________________________________ NOW Foods brand ____________________________________ ____________________________________

  • *** Fresh or frozen is best for all fruit & vegetables***

    asparagus onions bell peppers peas: sugar snap, snow broccoli radish brussels sprouts rhubarb bok choy rutabaga celery (celeriac) swiss chard celery root summer squash: yellow, zucchini cucumbers: fresh, sugar free pickles spinach cabbage: green, red, nappa tomato: fresh, canned, paste carrots turnips cauliflower watercress endive winter squash: fresh, canned, frozen edamame butternut, acorn, spaghetti, pumpkin green beans additional notes:_______________________ jicama kale: curly, dragon ____________________________________ kohlrabi lettuce (all varieties) ____________________________________ mushrooms okra ____________________________________

    apples: fresh, unsweetened sauce peach apricots pineapple blueberries plums blackberries pears banana raspberries cherries strawberries cantaloupe tangerines grapefruit watermelon grapes additional notes:_______________________ guava honeydew _____________________________________ kiwi mango _____________________________________ nectarine orange _____________________________________ papaya


  • ***ALL ITEMS IN THIS SECTION SHOULD BE USED IN LIMITED QUANTITIES AT THE DISCRESION OF YOUR DIETITAN. Nutritional content will vary significantly between brands***

    DELI OTHER turkey Miracle & Shiratake Noodles ham Walden Farms products pepperoni Just The Cheese products bologna low-carb baking mixes (Carbquick) salami low carb bread, tortillas cheese: american, product MEAT additional notes: __________________________ sausage:

    Italian, sweet, hot (all other kinds) ________________________________________ bacon hot dogs ________________________________________ Spam canned or potted ________________________________________ meat sticks & spreads

    BAKING INGREDIENTS SWEETENERS coconut flour liquid stevia shredded coconut, unsweetened powdered stevia almond meal/flour/butter saccharine hazelnut meal/flour sucralose psyllium husks, whole/powdered baking powder, aluminum free HERBS & SPICES baking soda Dried varieties should be calculated into a Bickfords Flavors meal if it is more than a pinch. Fresh & MISCELLANEOUS whole varieties may be steeped to infuse nori flavor, but must be removed prior eating. almond milk, unsweetened Please note commonly used items. soy milk, unsweetened tahini paste _____________________________________ tofu tempeh _____________________________________ decaffeinated tea gelatin, unflavored _____________________________________ broth: chicken, beef, vegetable