iOS 7 Implications for App Marketers (10.22.13)

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<ol><li> 1. #MRMstrategyiOS 7 IMPLICATIONS FOR APP MARKETERS: 1 MONTH LATER October 22, 2013Cezary Pietrzak Director of Marketing ! Spencer Burke Mobile Strategist </li><li> 2. iOS 7 has made a big splash73%3 days9MM11of Apple users are on iOS 7to cross 50% adoptioniPhone 5S/5Cs sold 1st weekendlaunch countries (including China)#MRMstrategy </li><li> 3. And its a made a big splash iOS 7 has great leap forwardEvery new release of iOS since 2007 has brought new changes, from big hits like FaceTime to flops like Apple Maps But Apple has never released such a dramatically different, feature-rich update iOS 7 brings app marketers closer to the end user than ever before#MRMstrategyviOS 7 is the most significant change to the mobile operating system since our first iOS platform"! ! Jony Ive, SVP of Design </li><li> 4. iOS 7 is pushing the personalENGAGE MESYNC MELOCATE MENew UIAutomatic updatesPopular Near MeFalling user reviewsBackground fetchPassbookAlgorithm changesAirDropiBeacons#MRMstrategy </li><li> 5. Appboy drives the MeAppboy is the leading platform for mobile relationship management (MRM) Were the only company that offers key MRM tools on one dashboard: Multi-channel messaging (push / in-app / email)AutomationUser segmentationLAPSED USERCustomer supportAppboy can help you improve organic engagement by 25%-80%#MRMstrategySOCIAL INFLUENCERBIG SPENDER </li><li> 6. ENGAGE ME New UIFalling user reviewsAlgorithm changes#MRMstrategySYNC MELOCATE ME </li><li> 7. iOS 7 connects on many levelsVisual: Flat design, bright colors, thin fonts, borderless views, parallax effectFunctional: new gestures, new interactions, disappearing controlsEmotional: light, airy, fun#MRMstrategy </li><li> 8. You can adapt to iOS 7SeatgeekSeatgeekKickstarterKickstarteriOS 6iOS 7iOS 6iOS 7#MRMstrategy </li><li> 9. Or you can transformPlaying with the beta of iOS 7 brought us to the realization that this would not just be a re-skin. We really had to just start over with the new foundation and concepts of iOS 7! ! Facebook iOS 6#MRMstrategyFacebook iOS 7 Mark Jardine, Tweetbot </li><li> 10. But doing nothing will cost you3.56 avg. app rating vs.2.81 for reviews w/ iOS 7 WhatsApp#MRMstrategyTweetbot </li><li> 11. Positive app ratings impact discovery Apple improved its ranking algorithm to incorporate app ratings in July/ August 2013Previously, ranking relied only on popularity and velocityRankings are also now updating on a 3-hour schedule vs. 15 minutesApple will continue tweaking its algorithm to reward engaging appsThe Virtuous Cycle EngagementApp installsPositive ratingsRankingsDiscoverability#MRMstrategy </li><li> 12. Improve iOS 7 engagement in 3 steps0102Spend more time listening to your customers03#MRMstrategyStill in iOS6? Triage your options and avoid inertia at all costThink about simple ways to start a dialogue with your customers </li><li> 13. SYNC ME Engage meENGAGEme Locate ME Background fetch#MRMstrategyAutomatic updates AirDropLOCATEme Locate ME </li><li> 14. Were moving to a real-time iOS 7 has made a big splash mentalityiOS 6 and earlier Network limitationsFrictionless interactionsSlow load speedsInstant gratificationFrustration#MRMstrategyiOS 7Efficiency + value </li><li> 15. Experiment more with automatic iOS 7 has made a big splash updates Product teams can get new app functionality to market quickerMore freedom to focus on new feature awareness and adoptionTweak, optimize, and measure more efficientlyTailor an experience to the needs of their audiencePinterest#MRMstrategy </li><li> 16. Eliminate the wait with background iOS 7 has made a big splash fetch Background Fetch allows your app to fetch data on a regular basis, so its ready the moment your app is launchedApplications: breaking news, sports scores, stock prices, pre-loading content for places w/ weak networkGive people what they want fast, without the worry of technology getting in the way#MRMstrategy </li><li> 17. Drive sharing and installs with iOS 7 has made a big splash AirDropUse Airdrop to encourage immediate peer-to-peer sharingIf users dont have the app, it will require an App Store install - big opportunity to increase organic discoveryStronger engagement recommended by friends and starting with content Kayak#MRMstrategy </li><li> 18. ENGAGE MESYNC MELOCATE ME Engage me Passbook#MRMstrategyPopular Near Me iBeacons </li><li> 19. Location made its stride iOS 7 hashas hit a big splashLocation has been a controversial issue in mobile since app developers first started using itiOS 7 has found a good balance between privacy concerns and the value of location dataUsing location to provide context is becoming an indispensable part of a mobile marketers toolbox#MRMstrategy </li><li> 20. iOS 7 location features that are iOS 7 has made a big splash pro-user Popular Near Me Increases discovery of niche and local apps based upon hyper local searches and downloads. What are people in my location downloading? Now you know.Passbook The place to keep your digital coupons, airline &amp; train tickets, movie passes, rewards and gift cards, now with QR code functionality.iBeacons GPS for inside. Can be used to find products in a store, or seats in a stadium. Useful!#MRMstrategy </li><li> 21. #MRMstrategyCONNECT WITH US @appboy</li></ol>