Webinar: Impact of iOS 8 on App Marketers and App Developers

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OpenXcell Technolabs in collaboration with AppN2O organized a webinar on impact of iOS8. The webinar was focused on new Features of iOS 8 affecting app developers and app marketers. Following points were discussed during the webinar: - Benefits and Management of new iOS 8 features. - Impact of iOS 8 on the Marketing and Monetization aspects of an app. - Challenges associated with regard to the new app development and existing app management. - Effective strategies and best practices to cope up with the changes and adapting new features of iOS.


<ul><li> 1. A Brief About OpenXcell Technolabs OpenXcell Technolabs is an ISO 9000:2008 certifiedcompany located in India and USA We are a big team of enthusiastic Designers, Developersand Managers We have strong hold in Mobile App Development, GameDevelopment, Web Development, E-commerceDevelopment and Enterprise Systems We have delivered quality solutions to our worldwideclientele</li></ul> <p> 2. A Brief About AppN2O AppN2O as a prominent app marketing service provideris thoroughly dedicated towards serving the finest appmarketing and monetization strategies for your app. AppN2O is a subsidiary of OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt.Ltd. AppN2O has teamed up with various developers topromote their app and optimize the ROI For more details please visit us at www.appn2o.com 3. Introduction &amp; Agenda The Global App Economy Performance of iOS8 &amp; iPhone6 / 6Plus Features of iOS8 Behaviour of iOS8 on todays apps &amp; recommendations Opportunities with iOS8 Effect on app marketing Conclusion Q &amp; A 4. Growth in the Global AppEconomy - 2014 5. The Global App EconomySource: App Annie 6. Emerging Markets Drive Download GrowthSource: App Annie 7. Established Markets Lead Soaring RevenueSource: App Annie 8. Evolving Market Dynamics at theApp Store LevelSource: App Annie 9. Performance of iOS 8 andiPhone 6 &amp; 6 plus 10. iOS 8 AdoptionSource: Mixpanel 11. iPhone 6 &amp; 6 plus AdoptionSource: Mixpanel 12. iOS 8 ComparisonSource: Fiksu 13. iPhone 6 &amp; 6 plus ComparisonSource: Fiksu 14. Features of iOS8 15. All New Features of iOS8 Photos, Messages, Design, QuickType, Family Sharing,iCloud Drive, Continuity &amp; Spotlight 4000 new APIs such as HealthKit, HomeKit, TouchId etc,and many other new frameworks Spritekit, SceneKit &amp; Metal Swift a New programming language 16. Photos With this new update, iOS8 now allows users to search,edit and also upload it on the iCloud Photo Library.Image Courtesy: Apple 17. Messages Messages in iOS8 makes iteasy to add your voice,video, location and you canalso label your conversation. You can also browseattachments like you browsephotos and videos before. You can also send multiplephotos in your conversation.Image Courtesy: Apple 18. Design In iOS8, Apple majorly focused on UX which improvesoverall interactivity. It allows users to use helpfulshortcuts for like Messages, Mail, Calendar, Reminders,Third party apps from their notification banners wherethey can quickly reply without even leaving the currentscreen.Image Courtesy: Apple 19. Quick Type In iOS8, developerscan develop third partykeyboards and usercan choose theirfavorite input method orlayout system wide. iOS8 will automaticallypredict your text ifyoure writing email toyour colleague orchatting with yourfriends.Image Courtesy: Apple 20. Family Sharing Youre now allowed to share your purchases from iTunes,iBooks and Appstore to your family (*Upto 6 people).Enable Ask to Buy to add permission before makingpurchases for your kids. Also share photos, familycalendar, share your locations and locate family member'siPhone.Image Courtesy: Apple 21. iCloud Drive User can work on any files from anywhere. This meansuser can work on any files from iCloud to any Device andit doesnt matter if its your Mac or PC. It can simply drag your files from your Mac or PC toiCloud device folder and to iCloud enable device. Userscan access edited documents from any devices. 22. Continuity In iOS8, you can write an email on your iPhone whichyou can pick up from your iPad and it is enabledautomatically using your iCloud account. Use Handoff with favorite apps like Mail, Safari, Pages,Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders,Calendar, and Contacts. And developers can buildHandoff into their apps now, too. You can now also make and answer phone calls fromany of your iOS device if its in same Wi-fi 23. Continuity You can also text from your iPad or Mac by clickingphone in apps like safari, contacts or calendar Now your iPad Or mac can connect your iPhonespersonal Hotspot if your iPhone is close by. 24. Spotlight With this new update, iOS8 now allows users to findthings from wikipedia, News, Nearby Places, iTunesStore, Appstore, iBook Store, Suggested websites,Movie Showtimes and works in safari 25. 4000 New APIs The new iOS8 sdk reveals around 4000 new APIs whichincludes new frameworks, greater extendibility and mostnotable APIs like HealthKit, HomeKit, TouchId and manyothers which makes code more secure and improvesperformance. 26. Spritekit, SceneKit &amp; Metal With this release of bold gaming technologies, Appleallows developers to develop high performance, batteryefficient games from A7 &amp; A8 chips. 27. Swift a New programming language Swift makes is easier for developers to write nextgeneration apps for iOS and Mac. Its faster than Objective C proven by Apple with one ofthe common search algorithms having around 10.000integers found in Graph using depth first algorithm. It looks like 2015 will be the year of Swift since the Userguides, online resources, third party code snippets arestill in progress. No worries!!! You can add Objective Ccode with Swift and Objective C isnt going anywhere. 28. Behavior of iOS8 on todaysapps &amp; recommendations 29. Suggestion We strongly suggest you to first download iOS8 andtest your apps to see how they render and work onactual devices. 30. iPhone6 / Plus Apple maintains 16:9 ratio for new larger screensiPhone6 / Plus which means apps who uses Auto-layoutwill automatically scale up to fit the device. They just work said Apples Phil Schiller 31. Points to remember Apps built for 3.5,4 inch devices (*iPhone4s,5,5c,5s) willnot maintain the same pixel density on 4.7 &amp; 5.5 inchlarger screens (*iPhone6/plus) if they are programmedand uses static layouts. iOS8 also introduces wide range of changes toLandscape mode for 5.5 inch Landscape mode whichmeans it allows apps to run like iPad style landscapemode on 5.5 inch iPhone6 plus device. 32. Important Announcement from AppleStarting February1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded tothe appstore must include 64bit support and be builtwith iOS8 sdk, included in Xcode 6 or later. 33. Deprecations Deprecation warnings doest mean APIs will beimmediately removed from any framework or library butit is simply a way to flag that better interface are exist.Apps built for 3.5 &amp; 4 inch devices might throw thedeprecation warnings used into your ongoing projector old apps while running into new Xcode. Example: If youve used UIPickerView withUIActionSheet then it will not work as expected intoiOS8 because UIActionSheet is deprecate in iOS8. Asa alternate you will fulfills the same functionality usingUIAlertController. 34. Deprecations Its advisable to have upto-date code to newerinterface because deprecated APIs might deleted intonewer version of iOS8 which gives broken userexperience. 35. Deprecated MethodsUIAlertView and UIActionSheet are most commonly used classes which are deprecated in iOS 8.0.UIViewController :rotatingHeaderView (iOS 8.0)rotatingFooterView (iOS 8.0)interfaceOrientation (iOS 8.0)willRotateToInterfaceOrientation:duration: (iOS 8.0)willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:duration: (iOS 8.0)didRotateFromInterfaceOrientation: (iOS 8.0)searchDisplayController (iOS 8.0)shouldAutomaticallyForwardRotationMethods (iOS 8.0)UISplitViewControllerDelegatesplitViewController:shouldHideViewController:inOrientation: (iOS 8.0)splitViewController:willHideViewController:withBarButtonItem:forPopoverController: (iOS 8.0)splitViewController:willShowViewController:invalidatingBarButtonItem: (iOS 8.0)splitViewController:popoverController:willPresentViewController: (iOS 8.0)NSURLConnectionDelegateconnection:canAuthenticateAgainstProtectionSpace: (iOS 8.0)connection:didCancelAuthenticationChallenge: (iOS 8.0)connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge: (iOS 8.0) 36. Recommendations Make sure your apps are up-to-date and follows bestpractices. Check the header files of deprecated API for informationabout any recommended replacement interfaces fromApple resources to avoid unexpected broken UX. Redesign / Redevelop your apps to use real estate ofiPhone6 / Plus to build next generation apps. Plan your launch date before or after Feb 1 to take fulladvantage on your return on investment. ( As per Applesannouncement, any projects in process need to switch toIos8 and 64-bit before Feb1 and apple will not acceptupdates to old apps unless the apps are not updated ) 37. Opportunities with iOS8 38. Opportunities with iOS8 Compatibility HealthKit, HomeKit, PhotoKit, TouchID, Document Picker Extensions &amp; Widgets ApplePay WatchKit 39. Compatibility Create your mobile strategy considering the devicecompatibility of iOS8 to get the full ROI on your app idea. iOS8 supports iPhone4s,5,5c,5s,6 / Plus, iPad2, 3rdgeneration, 4th generation, iPad mini, 2, 3 and iPad Air,Air2 and iPod touch 5th generation. 40. HealthKitHealthKit provides a platform where applications can storeand share health related information. The user has controlover what apps can access which information.Apps that use healthKit UP MyFitnessPal Endomondo/Strava/MapMyRun CARROT Fit Motion 24/7 Sleeptracker WebMD 7 Minute WorkoutRef - http://lifehacker.com/the-best-apps-that-integrate-with-ios-8s-healthkit-1640909989 41. HomeKit The HomeKit framework enables users to communicatewith and control supported devices in their homes usingiOS devices. This is to communicate with and controlsupported devices by issuing commands using Siri. If you are building home automation applications, youshould definitely look at the potential HomeKit provides. 42. PhotoKit and new Camera APIsThe new photos framework enables you to createapplications that can access and edit photo and videoassets managed by the Photos app. This is undertakenwithout having to import them first or create copies.With the iCloud photo library, you can access the entireuser collection of photos and videos. You can edit thesewithout worrying whether they are local or in the cloud,changes made will be reflected across all devices.New Camera APIs give full manual control over thecameras settings. Your app can take direct control over thecamera focus, white balance, and exposure settings. 43. PhotoKit and new Camera APIsApps that use PhotoKit Camera Plus Camera360, UltimateFragment, Halftone2, iMovie, Litely Lumi ($1.99), Photo Wizard Pro, PIX2, POMELO,Repla, Scanner Pro, Snapchat, Quickhttp://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/09/20/ios-8-photo-apps/ 44. Local AuthenticationThis feature enables users to authenticate using TouchIDinside your application.This means that you can eliminate password fields thattend to make authentication tedious. When utilized, yourapp will be notified whether authentication was successfulor not but it will not give the users biometric information.This means the users information is always private andsecure. 45. Local AuthenticationApps that use TouchId Mint, Evernote, Amazon, Slice, 1Password andLastPass, Authy Day One, eHarmony, Memoir, Simple and DiscoverMobile Screens, Scanner Prohttp://www.macworld.com/article/2687060/14-iphone-apps-that-use-touch-id.html 46. Document PickerA document picker View Controller class is introduced iniOS 8. You no longer have to write completely custom codeto give users a document selection experience. You cannow build a document picker into your app that has accessto documents in the local and in the iCloud drive scope. Ifany other app is supplying a document provider extensionto the OS, those documents will also appear in yourdocument picker.Apps that use Document Picker GoodReader 4.5.0 47. ExtensionsSharing Options : iOS lets you quickly share photos, videos, websites andother content with social sites like Facebook and Twitter.For iOS 8, weve opened the sharing options to alldevelopers, which means youll have more places toshare what matters to you.Custom Actions : With a tap of the Action button, you can do things likeassign a photo to a contact or print a document. iOS 8allows developers to extend those capabilities. Forinstance, a developer could make it possible towatermark documents, add something to a wish list ortranslate text to a different language. 48. Notification Centre Widgets See more items in the Today view in Notification Centre.For example, you could add widgets that update you onpackage deliveries, the latest surf reports or breakingstories from your favourite news app. 49. Apple Pay It simply changes the way we make payments at thestore or through apps from your iPhone and AppleWatch. Using Apple Pay, you are allowed to make paymentthrough single touch from your iPhones Touch Id usingNFC contactless technology. 50. Apple Watch At its recent event, apple unveiled its rumoured andanticipated smartwatch, the Apple Watch. The watch willstart selling in early 2015 and the good news fordevelopers is that it will also run third party apps. The WatchKit framework, an addition to iOS 8, willenable developers to build apps for the Apple Watch. WatchKit framework is expected to be open fordevelopers by November,2014. 51. Impact on App Marketing 52. Continuous Scrolling Users will be able to seemore apps and stop onthe one they like. It will allow users to godeeper in the searchresults. 53. 2 Screenshots instead of 1 In iOS 8 2 screenshotswill be displayed insteadof 1. Make sure that the top 2screenshots are the best. 54. Make Related Searches Easy Related Searches to easilydo a more accuratesearch. This is an opportunity torank for highly searchedkeywords. 55. App Previews App Previews to seeshort videos on howthe app works . It will help toconvince iPhone andiPad users that appis worthdownloading. 56. App Bundles App Bundle to sellseveral apps at adiscount price. The app bundle alsohas its own nameand will give us annew way to be foundin the store. 57. Trending Searches Trending Searchesto see whats hotin app search. By this way Applegives us thekeywords that arehighly searched atthe moment. 58. iTunes ConnectAnalytics and Attribution1. Downloads2. App Installs3. User Sessions4. Active Devices5. Average Sales6. User Retention7. App Page Views8. Campaign Success9. Source of App Install 59. Conclusion 60. ConclusionTo conclude, we highly recommend every developer toplan their app development strategy precisely and thereforeconsider iOS8 to make their mobile apps thriving withcompetitive iOS8 enhancements. App Developers whohave existing apps in the Appstore should considerredeveloping them, in order to utilize the real estate ofiPhone6 / Plus and to build next generation apps. Takingnecessary steps towards upgrading your apps to iOS 8 willdeliver better Return On Investment and will produce thehighest results for following best practices.You can always reach us at sales@openxcell.com toupgrade your app on iOS8 61. Q &amp; A</p>