infographic: mercedes-benz: where digital meets physical

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Mercedes-Benz and the seamless customer experience


  • Where Digital Meets Physical Mercedes-Benz Cars - key gures And a leader already in some areas 64 Bn Revenues from passenger cars 96,000+ Employees in passenger cars division 1.5 Mn Number of cars sold remote monitoring, diagnostics automated appointment booking Connect me Finance me personalized nancing Inspire me idea generation platform Car sharing pay-as-you-go service with smartphone app as front-end 700,000 customers 1 Mn rentals every month in seven 10,000 cars on road locations25 European countries and North America Innovating on the Digital Customer Experience SOLD Unied digital platform Mercedes me Assist me Move me intelligent mobility solutions #digitaltransformation Reach out: Interested in reading the full interview? Head to Follow us on Twitter @capgeminiconsul or email [email protected]