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MercedesBenz Finance Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Price ListOffers from 279 per month including deposit contributions of 2,300* and an option packBusiness Users Only. Effective from April 2015.2Keeping you 100% Mercedes-Benz Who better to finance your vanAt MercedesBenz we believe a great driving experience should be matched by an equally great ownership experience. And thats why we put just as much thought, time and effort into designing our finance options, our insurance cover and our comprehensive support packages as we do into our vans.Over the next few pages you can read about the benefits of the services we offer and see just how costeffective and hasslefree they can make owning and running a MercedesBenz.Of course if youd like to find out more about any of our current offers, simply call into your local Dealer where one of our Finance Specialists will be more than happy to talk you through anything you need to know.than the people who built it. As well as offering a superb range of high quality Commercial Vehicles, we can also bring you the perfect financing arrangement, whether youre interested in owning or leasing. They offer: Immediatelyavailablefunds no waiting for cheques or loans to clear Nosecurityrequired loans are secured on the van, not on other company assets FriendlyFinanceSpecialists experts in vehicle finance who can talk you through all of our plans in detail.100%MercedesBenz. MercedesBenzFinance3Who better to offer you peace of mindWho better to insure your vanthan MercedesBenz.Your MercedesBenz Van will benefit from comprehensive support packages as standard, you dont have to do a thing: 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty MobiloVan UK: complimentary roadside assistance for 30 years2 Extensive network of authorised Dealers, with many offering extended opening hours for complete flexibility All MercedesBenz parts come with a comprehensive, 24month warranty and 12month labour warranty when fitted in an approved workshop.See for details of these benefits.than MercedesBenz Van Insurance.Our Van Insurance has been specially created for MercedesBenz Van drivers.Thebenefits Guaranteed MercedesBenz GenuineParts at a MercedesBenz Approved Repairer Tool Cover up to 500 (whilst tools are inside your van) Repairs guaranteed for 3 years when using a MercedesBenz Approved Repairer New vehicle replacement to the same make and spec, if available, if your vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered within the first 6 months of you buying it from new Unlimited cover for audio and communication equipment fitted by the factory or dealer 24/7 UK accident recovery to your nearest MercedesBenz Approved Repairer For a noobligation quote, call 0345 60 60 638 or visit available for vans up to 3.5t only.MercedesBenzVanInsurance MercedesBenzService Our lines are open Monday Friday 8.30am 6.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am 2.00pm. MercedesBenz Van Insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.4Mercedes-Benz First Cover 3Complimentary7dayVanInsurance.Thebenefits Cover can be arranged immediately, allowing you to drive away the same day It can cover personal and business use for you and your spouse/domestic partner/civil partner After 7 free days you can choose to purchase our annual Van Insurance Cover.All you need to do is get a noobligation quote by calling MercedesBenz Van Insurance on0345 6060 638Calls charged at local rateIncluded with new Mercedes-Benz VansInsurance available for vans up to 3.5t only. Our UK based call centre is open Monday to Friday 8.30am 6.00pm and Sat 9.00am 2.00pm.For joint protection, calls may be recorded and monitored.Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.3YearUnlimitedMileageWarranty 3 For all new UK supplied vehicles Easy to access through any MercedesBenz Commercial Vehicle Dealership Covers against manufacturing defects.MercedesBenzMobiloVanUK 3 Complimentary roadside assistance for 30 years2 Covers you and your van in the event of a breakdown, wherever you are in the UK or in Europe Cover for starting problems and minor mishaps or driver error Recovery to nearest MercedesBenz Commercial Vehicle Dealer if roadside repairs not possible Replacement vehicle for up to 3 working days.MercedesBenz24hourroadsideassistance 3 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Designed to keep you mobile Our current average attendance time is 58 minutes with a current roadside fix rate is 85%.5Service ContractsAllowing you to plan ahead, Service Care is a competitivelypriced, flexible budgeting plan to cover the costs of servicing a MercedesBenz van. Its fixed rates guarantee inflationproof cost savings and allow customers to spread their expenditure.Youcan: Select the number of services you require Choose to pay upfront or in manageable monthly instalments, making it easier for you to budget Relax, knowing that all scheduled servicing costs including mandatory items are covered Enjoy protection against labour rate, parts pricing or other inflationary increase.ServiceCarePrices ExclusiveofVATat20%No. of Services 3 Services 4 Services 5 Services 6 ServicesPayment Duration 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mthsSPRINTER (manual) 37.00 18.50 12.33 59.00 29.50 19.67 14.75 81.00 40.50 27.00 20.25 103.00 51.50 34.33 25.75 SPRINTER (automatic) 53.50 26.75 17.83 81.00 40.50 27.00 20.25 108.50 54.25 36.17 27.13 136.00 68.00 45.33 34.00 6Mercedes-Benz AgilityFlexible and affordable financeAt MercedesBenz we offer a range of ways for you to fund the purchase of your new van. One of our most popular finance products is MercedesBenz Agility.HowdoesMercedesBenzAgilitywork?At the start of the agreement your Business Manager will advise you of the Guaranteed Future Value for your van based on the mileage that you expect to cover during the course of your agreement. This Guaranteed Future Value is equal to the final Optional Purchase Payment but you dont have to decide whether to make this payment and keep the van until the end of the agreement. In the meantime, you simply choose how long you want to keep the van, how much youd like to pay as an initial deposit and the monthly payments that suit you best. When the agreement comes to an end you can either purchase, return or partexchange the vehicle. ThebenefitsofAgility LowerMonthlyPayments better budget control and improved cashflow for your business. GuaranteedFutureValue avoids the risk of unplanned or unaccounted for, depreciation. ChangeCycle regular cycle change ensures your business benefits from the latest technology, including safety, economy, fuel and environmental efficiency. ResidualSafety the GFV ensures that you can change the vehicle regularly to meet changing business and market needs. RevenueAllowances any interest paid on finance and maintenance costs are fully allowable.Your VehicleOption3Option2Option17Deposit Choice of 3 options Purchase your MercedesBenz by paying the Optional Purchase Payment.Please note that a Purchase Activation Fee of 10 will be debited from your account. This will complete the purchase of your MercedesBenz, leaving you free to Part Exchange for a new MercedesBenz, or to simply enjoy your van.Hand back your MercedesBenz.If you decide to return the van to us, its vital that you check your MercedesBenz for any unacceptable damage beforehand. Fees can easily be avoided if you follow our vehicle return standards.Purchase and partexchange your MercedesBenz for a brand new one.Please note that a Purchase Activation Fee of 10 will be debited from your account. This will complete the purchase of your MercedesBenz, leaving you free to Part Exchange for a new MercedesBenz, or to simply enjoy your van. Monthly payments calculated based on anticipated mileage during term8Mercedes-Benz Contract HireYour fleet, all taken care ofContract Hire can be a great way to reduce the hassle of running a commercial fleet. It requires no capital investment and the vehicle is not shown on your balance sheet. HowdoesMercedesBenzContractHirework?Instead of owning the vehicle or vehicles, you hire them for a fixed period for a fixed monthly fee. This fee is based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicles and their projected value at the end of the agreement, so you only repay a proportion of the vehicles costs, which can only be good news for your cash flow. With a Contract Hire agreement you avoid any concerns about the future value of your vehicle or selling it on at the end of your agreement you simply hand it back (subject to excess mileage BVRLA return standard guidelines).ThebenefitsofContractHire Fixedcosts budget planning and cost control inflation proof against payment and maintenance. Nodisposalworries vehicle simply returned at the end of the contract (Subject to excess mileage BVRLA return standard guidelines). Administration Road Fund Licence administration taken care of. Cashflow low initial outlay, flexible rental terms, VAT recovery and no residual risk. OffBalancesheet can improve key ratios and can acquire use without appearing on balance sheet. RevenueTaxAllowance the whole use of the vehicle is deemed for business use, therefore 100% of the rentals paid can be reclaimed as a Revenue Tax Allowance.9Total Value of the VehicleReturn the vehicleMonthly rentals calculated based on only a proportion of the vehicles value10See for details of these benefits. Speedtronic variable speed limiter and cruise control Electrically operated front windows ASSYST service interval indicator Full bulkhead (panel van) Audio 10 Radio and MP3 Player Bluetooth connectivity for phone and audio streaming Daytime running lights Twin rear doors (Van) Multifunctional steering wheel with trip computerBlueEFFICIENCYmodelsalsofeature ECO start/stop function ECO powersteering Fuel efficient ecotyres Alternator managementPeaceofmindasstandardAll Sprinter models benefit from comprehensive support packages: 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty MobiloVan UK Roadside Assistance The MercedesBenz Commercial Vehicle Dealer network MercedesBenz GenuinePartsStandard SpecificationAs you would expect from MercedesBenz the new Sprinter comes equipped with a high standard specification including:111212279 /month*based on a MercedesBenz Agility agreement ShortStandardRoof213CDI Agility 279/month*ContractHire 319/month*Image is for illustrative purposes only.Inclusive of Option Pack, worth up to 750** AirConditioning Comfort Seat Wheel Trims Factory Plylining Fog Lights, Parktronic (inc. electric & heated mirrors) Module for Becker Map, Prep for Map Pilot** option pack only available on Sprinter 2 and 3 Series.1313Mercedes-Benz AgilityMercedes-Benz Contract Hire excluding R&MSprinter Offer Panel VanSprinter213CDIShortStandardRoof 26,460.46 6,700.74 2,300.00 6,675.00 279.00 65.00Sprinter313CDIMediumStandardRoof 32,514.76 9,184.56 2,300.00 7,350.00 349.00 81.00Sprinter213CDIShortStandardRoof 1,914.00 2,300.00 319.00 74.00Sprinter313CDIMediumStandardRoof 2,454.00 2,300.00 409.00 95.003Yearunlimitedmileagewarranty3YearunlimitedmileagewarrantyService24hService24hMobiloVanUKMobiloVanUKWhatsincluded2 :Whatsincluded2 :CustomerdepositCustomerdepositincludingVATincludingVATOptionalpurchaseOptionalpurchasepaymentpaymentOntheroadpriceOntheroadpriceMonthlypayment*Monthlypayment*AdvancePaymentAdvancePaymentDealerdepositContributionDealerdepositContributionWeeklypayment*Weeklypayment* Standard 2.Terms and Conditions apply. See page 30.*OfferavailableatparticipatingMercedesBenzCommercialVehicleDealersonly.SeeyourlocalparticipatingDealerfordetails.Pleasecall08456024321tofindyournearestparticipatingDealer.FinanceforBUSINESSUSERSONLY.Retailcustomersoperatingbetween124units.Paymentsarebasedona48monthMercedesBenzAgilityagreementat10,000milesperannumorbasedona48month(6+47Profile)MercedesBenzContractHireagreementat10,000milesperannum.Allvehiclesincludeplylining,registrationfee,RFLanddelivery.OptionpackonlyavailableonSprinter2andSprinter3SeriesPanelVans.RoadFundLicenseisincludedforthedurationofyourcontractwithContractHire.ContractHirepaymentsexcludemaintenanceandVAT.VATischargedattheprevailingrate.Vehiclesmustberegisteredbetween01/04/2015and30/06/2015.Pricesbasedonwhitevehicles.2,300.00depositcontributionisavailableonAgility,ContractHire,OperatingLease,HirePurchaseandFinanceLease.Monthlytermsapply,weeklytermsforillustrationpurposes.Payableifyouexercisetheoptiontopurchasethevehicle,plusfees.Pricesbasedonwhitevehicles.Creditprovidedsubjecttostatus.VehiclesmustbesuppliedbyafranchisedMercedesBenzCommercialVehiclesDealer.Offersubjecttoavailability.FinanceprovidedbyMercedesBenzFinancialServicesUKLtd,MK158BA.14Sprinter Panel VanModel Short,standardroof Medium,standardroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY210CDI 21,075 21,675 22,470 23,070213CDI 21,685 22,285 23,080 23,680216CDI 22,295 22,895 23,690 24,290310CDI 25,105 25,705 26,500 27,100313CDI 25,715 26,315 27,110 27,710316CDI 26,325 26,925 27,720 28,320316NGT 30,655 319BlueTEC 413BlueTEC 33,570 34,170416BlueTEC 34,180 34,780513CDI 32,955 33,555516CDI 33,565 34,165519BlueTEC 37,700 37,960AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.15Model Long,highroof Extralong,highroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY210CDI 213CDI 216CDI 310CDI 28,285 28,845 28,900 29,500313CDI 28,855 29,455 29,510 30,110316CDI 29,465 30,065 30,120 30,720316NGT 32,330 319BlueTEC 33,600 33,860 34,255 34,515413BlueTEC 35.315 35,915 35,970 36,570416BlueTEC 35,925 36,525 36,580 37,180513CDI 34,700 35,300 35,355 35,955516CDI 35,310 35,910 35,965 36,565519BlueTEC 39,445 39,705 40,100 40,360AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.16Sprinter Chassis/Crew CabModel Short Medium LongStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYChassisCab210CDI 20,515 21,115 21,180 21,780 213CDI 21,125 21,725 21,790 22,390 216CDI 21,735 22,335 22,400 23,000 219BlueTEC 25,870 26,130 26,535 26,795 310CDI 24,840 25,440 25,505 26,105 26,170 26,770313CDI 25,450 26,050 26,115 26,715 26,780 27,380316CDI 26,060 26,660 26,725 27,325 27,390 27,990316NGT 31,260 31,880 319BlueTEC 30,195 30,455 30,860 31,120 31,525 31,785513CDI 31,960 32,560 32,625 33,225516CDI 32,570 33,170 33,235 33,835516NGT 36,175 36,795 519BlueTEC 36,705 36,965 37,370 37,630AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.17Sprinter Chassis/Crew CabModel Short Medium LongStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYCrewCab310CDI 26,920 27,520 27,585 28,185 28,250 28,850313CDI 27,530 28,130 28,195 28,795 28,860 29,460316CDI 28,140 28,740 28,805 29,405 29,470 30,070316NGT 33,340 33,960 319BlueTEC 32,275 32,535 32,940 33,200 33,605 33,865513CDI 34,040 34,640 34,705 35,305516CDI 34,650 35,250 35,315 35,915516NGT 38,255 35,875 519BlueTEC 38,785 39,045 39,450 39,710LowFrame313BlueTEC 31,370 32,035 32,700 316BlueTEC 31,980 32,645 33,310 AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliverychargeandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.18Sprinter People MovingModel Short,standardroof Medium,standardroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYTraveliner7Seats313BlueTEC 27,965 29,360316BlueTEC 28,575 29,970Traveliner9Seats313BlueTEC 30,080316BlueTEC 30,690Traveliner14Seats313BlueTEC* 34,865 316BlueTEC* 34,475 *Includeshighroof.AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.19Sprinter People MovingModel Long,highroof Extralong,highroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYTraveliner7Seats313BlueTEC 31,115 316BlueTEC 31,725 Traveliner9Seats313BlueTEC 31,835 316BlueTEC 32,445 Traveliner14Seats313BlueTEC* 316BlueTEC* *Includeshighroof.AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.20Sprinter People MovingModel Long,highroof Extralong,highroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYTraveliner17Seats513BlueTEC 36,910 38,440 516BlueTEC 37,520 39,050 519BlueTEC 40,520 42,050 *Includeshighroof.AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.212122222323Sprinter 4x4Model Medium,standardroof Long,highroof Extralong,highroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYPanelVan313CDI 32,720 34,465 35,120 316CDI 33,330 35,075 35,730 319BlueTEC 37,465 39,210 39,865 513BlueTEC 39,700 41,445 42,100 516BlueTEC 40,310 42,055 42,710 519BlueTEC 43,310 45,055 45,710 *Includeshighroof.AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.24Sprinter 4x4Model Medium,standardroofStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYTraveliner7Seater313BlueTEC 36,105 316BlueTEC 36,715 Traveliner9Seater313BlueTEC 36,825 316BlueTEC 37,435 *Includeshighroof.AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30.ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.252526Sprinter 4x4*Includeshighroof.AllpricesshownintheabovetableareListPrice.ForfullTermsandConditionsrefertopage30ModelpricesquotedareexfactoryanddonotincludeVATunlessotherwisestated.AstandardnationaldeliveryandPDIchargeof900.00forallmodels,excludingVAT,willbeaddedtomodelpricesquotedinthislist.Allmodelpricesincludestandardfinishpaintchoice.Therightisreservedtoalterspecificationsandvarypriceswithoutnotice.Model Medium LongStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY StandardModel BlueEFFICIENCYChassisCab313CDI 31,725 32,390 316CDI 32,335 33,000 319BlueTEC 36,470 37,135 513BlueTEC 38,705 39,370 516BlueTEC 39,315 39,980 519BlueTEC 42,315 42,980 27Model CrewCabStandardModel BlueEFFICIENCY313CDI 33,805 316CDI 34,415 319BlueTEC 38,550 513BlueTEC 40,785 516BlueTEC 41,395 516BlueTEC 44,395 28Upgrade PacksPackage Description RRP PanelVanChassisCab/CrewcabTravelinerTL7/TL9WindowVanTravelinerTL1417 LowframeComfort Package Adjustable steering wheel for height and rake, interior mirror, auxiliary hot water heater, heated drivers seat, heat insulated windscreen glass with filter band, light and rain sensor, fog lights and Comfort drivers seat with arm rest, and comfort head restraint.*Please note pack on chassis does not include interior mirror1,475 for Chassis 1,158 Comfort Pack PlusAudio 15, prewiring for navigation system, hinged lid for storage compartment, additional water auxiliary heater with remote control, Tempmatic airconditioning, fuel gauge heater.1,845 Drivers PackParktronic, electric heated and adjustable mirrors, hinged lid for storage compartment, Tempmatic airconditioning.1,440 Available Not available 29Package Description RRP PanelVanChassisCab/CrewcabTravelinerTL7/TL9WindowVanTravelinerTL1417 LowframeDrivers Pack Chassis CabElectric heater and adjustable mirrors, hinged lid for storage compartment, Tempmatic airconditioning.980 Safety Driving Assistance Package Chassis Cab and Crew Cab.Contains Collision Prevention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and High Beam Assist. Includestintedglass,lightandrainsensor,electricallyheatedandadjustablemirrors.1,035 Safety Driving Assistance Package Panel Van. Contains Collision Prevention Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and High Beam Assist.Includestintedglass,lightandrainsensor,electricallyheatedandadjustablemirrors.1,570 Safety Lane Tracking Package Contains Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and High Beam Assist. Includestinted,lightandrainsensor,electricallyheatedandadjustablemirrors.1,385 Available Not available 30301 General Vehicle and option availability and combinations may be subject to change since this price list was issued. Model and option List Price are quoted exfactory and exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. All model prices include standard finish paint choice. The right is reserved to alter specification and vary prices without notice. The availability of options may depend on the chosen base vehicle and other optional equipment specified, and should be confirmed with your MercedesBenz Dealer prior to order placement. Further options are available, please consult your MercedesBenz Dealer for details. MercedesBenz UK Ltd, Tongwell, Milton Keynes, MK15 8BA MobiloVanUKRoadsideAssistance Terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. Please refer to the relevant product documentation or for further details. Terms and Conditions31MercedesBenzFinanceMercedesBenz Finance is a trading name of MercedesBenz Financial Services UK Limited.A Daimler Company. Tongwell, Milton Keynes MK15 8BA, United Kingdom. Tel: 0370 847 0700. * Offer available at participating MercedesBenz Commercial Vehicle Dealers only. See your local participating Dealer for details. Please call 0845 602 4321 to find your nearest participating Dealer. Finance for BUSINESS USERS ONLY*. 2,300.00 finance deposit contribution available on Agility, Contract Hire, Operating Lease, Hire Purchase and Finance Lease. VAT is charged at the prevailing rate. Credit provided subject to status. Offer is subject to terms and conditions. Vehicles must be registered between 01/04/2015 and 30/06/2015. Monthly terms apply, weekly terms for illustration purposes. Vehicles must be supplied by a franchised MercedesBenz Commercial Vehicles Dealer. Offer subject to availability. Finance provided by MercedesBenz Financial Services UK Ltd, MK15 8BA. 750 option offer only available on Sprinter 2 and 3 Series Van Insurance is arranged by Daimler Insurance Services UK Limited and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited. Registered in Scotland, No. 2116. Registered Office: Pitheavlis, Perth PH2 0NH. Daimler Insurance Services are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Aviva Insurance Limited are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. For joint protection calls may be recorded and/or monitored. We may decline to quote in some circumstances, meaning the 7 day complimentary cover cannot be given. This brochure provides only an outline of the benefits of the insurance cover available and does not constitute full terms and conditions. Though accurate and up to date at the time of going to press (03/2015), details may change without prior notice.MBCW189/Q2/15