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Sponsored by: A Service Of: Increasing Productivity With Google Apps & Gmail Tools Cooper Marcus April 24, 2012 Use Twitter Hashtag #npweb

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Google Apps is popular communication and collaboration platform for nonprofits. Gmail is the most-used part of Google Apps. This webinar introduces a number of third-party tools and techniques that make Gmail and Google Apps even better.


  • 1. Increasing Productivity With Google Apps & Gmail Tools Cooper Marcus April 24, 2012 Use Twitter Hashtag #npwebA Service Of: Sponsored by:

2. How This Webinar Works A link to the slides/materials will be sent in an email afterthe webinar If youd like to ask a question during the webinar, you cantype it in the question box of your control panel on the rightside of your screen Chat with us on twitter using the hashtag - #npwebA Service Of: Sponsored by: 3. Upcoming Tech Tuesday Webinars May 1, 2012Supporting A Development Office: Have You Got What ItTakes? May 8, 2012How to Blog your way to Increased ConstituentEngagement and FundraisingVisit for a complete listA Service Of:Sponsored by: 4. Increasing Productivity With Google Apps & Gmail Tools Cooper Marcus April 24, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by: 5. Protecting and Preserving thewww.cjwconsulting.comInstitutional Memories of NonprotsSince 1993(866) 598-0430 [email protected] Service Of:Sponsored by: 6. Affordable collaborative data management in the cloud.A Service Of:Sponsored by: 7. Todays Speaker Cooper MarcusCEO, WisheryAssisting with chat questions: Hosting:April Hunt, Nonprofit Webinars Cheri J Weissman, CJW Consulting & Services, Inc. A ServiceOf:Sponsored by: 8. Increasing Productivity with Google Apps & Gmail ToolsTools and Techniques for NonprotsPresented by: Cooper Marcus, CEO, [email protected]@CooperMarcus @Wishery 9. Get More Done, Faster -in Gmail Gmail productivity = Nonprot success Gmail Labs Browser Extensions Google Apps Stick around for special offers! 10. Gmail Labs Labs is a testing ground for experimental featuresthat arent quite ready for primetime. They maychange, break or disappear at any time. Built-in to Gmail - neither addon nor extension Enabled by individual users Explore and experiment! 11. Gmail Labs - Pros and Cons Pro: Anyone can install and use (Apps admin mustenable for domain) Specic to Gmail account - works acrossbrowsers and computers Rarely conict with other addons Con: Only Google makes em! Mostly small improvements 12. Gmail Labs - Enable in GoogleApps Dashboard 13. Gmail Labs - Access in Gmail 14. Gmail Labs - Favorites 15. Browser Extensions for Gmail Available from: Chrome Web Store Firefox Add-ons Manager Safari Extensions Gallery Publishers websites 16. Chrome Web Store 17. Firefox Add-ons Manager 18. Safari Extension Gallery 19. Browser Extensions for Gmail- Pros and Cons Pro: Specic to single browser on single Mac/PC Anyone can install and use Con: Not centrally installed/congured/managed Unavailable for Internet Explorer Conicts possible 20. Google Apps Available from the GoogleApps Marketplace Many are just Single SignOn (SSO) Some do more: Gmail Gadgets Calendar, Docs,Contacts integration 21. Google Apps - Pros and Cons Pro: Centrally installed and administered Available to all (or some) users, all at once, onevery browser Never conicts with other addons Con: Different technical capabilities compared toBrowser Extensions Must by installed by Google Apps Administrator 22. Rapportive Get rich contact proles, right inside Gmail Browser extension Free 23. Rapportive 24. Boomerang Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy emailreminders. Browser extension Freemium - $5 or $15/month 25. Boomerang Send Later Snooze Button Follow-up Reminders 26. AwayFind Get AWAY from your inbox let urgent emailscut through the clutter and FIND you...instantly. Browser Extension or Google Apps (functionalitymay vary) Freemium - $10/user/month or less 27. AwayFind 28. A better way to nd attachments in your email Browser extension or Google Apps (functionalityvaries) Free 29. 30. 31. Wishery Get More Done, Stay in Gmail View and edit MailChimp email list membershipinside Gmail Automatically search Google Docs for emailaddresses Browser extension (coming soon) or Google Apps Freemium - up to $99/year/organization 32. Wishery 33. Wishery - Volunteer ManagementMailChimp Gmail + Wishery 34. Wishery - Donor Management 35. Wishery - Donor Management 36. Wishery - Nonprot Links Simple & (Nearly) Free Donor and VolunteerManagement for Nonprots (Wishery blog) Wishery Integrates MailChimp with Google Apps(MailChimp blog) 37. Tout Tout streamlines your email workow withGroups, Analytics, and Templating Browser extension Freemium - up to $49/month 38. Tout Templates Tracking Delayed sending 39. Special Offers for Nonprots - its free! - Nonprot pricing for 5+seats - email [email protected] - Pro free for 3 months - [email protected] - its free! - 50% off Wishery Pro - [email protected] 40. Upcoming Tech Tuesday WebinarsDatesTopic5/1 Supporting A Development Office: Have You Got What It Takes?5/8 How to Blog your way to Increased Constituent Engagement and FundraisingRegister at NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of:Sponsored by: 41. Thank you!Please complete the post event surveythat will show up as you leave the webinar.You will be receiving an email with linksto the materials shortly after the webinar.A Service Of: Sponsored by: