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•Whatisanapp? Short for application, it’s software designed to run on smartphones, tablets computers and other mobile devices.

•Whatisproductivityapps/software? Productivity apps/ software help the user to enhance and complete their tasks. This can be applied to workflow or to view information quickly in one place.

•Whatisthebenefit? Increasing productivity while ensuring all compliance and operating standards are met.

•WhyshouldImakeanapp? If you’re considering developing a productivity app you probably want 1 of 2 things. You wish to increase your productivity, or want to sell your idea on the digital marketplace. We can assist you with both.

•Enterpriseapps/software?Whatisit? Services provided by enterprise software are typically business oriented tools such as online shopping/ payment processing, automated billing systems, security, enterprise content management, the list goes on.

•Howwillthismakememoney? By increasing productivity you are able to focus on other ares of your business.

•Howlongwillitlast? An app is forever, updates are available if you can see areas of improvement.

•Howlongwillittaketomake? It depends on how complex the app is, that will determine the build time.

•Doyouconsult,too? We can discuss strategic approaches to provide a digital solution.

•MysystemworksfinewhyshouldIchangeit? Being open to new ways of doing current tasks may further improve your current system.

•WhatisthedifferencebetweenAndroidandiPhoneapps? They are 2 very different ways to build the app however we can update cross-platform apps to run on both device types.

•Whoelseisdoingthisrightnow? From Multi-National Corporations to Privately owned businesses that use Apps to improve business processes.

•Howwillyoumeasuresuccess? We have analytics that will monitor your success. From a productivity point of view, you will automatically see things happening faster and efficiently.

•Whereisyourdevelopmentteamlocated? We perform the majority of our work out of our Melbourne studio. But we also have representation in Brisbane and San Francisco.

•Howdoyoumanageupdates? If you require updates we can update as the project desires to be updated.

•Whatisinvolvedfromme? You are an integral part of the project and we ask for you to be involved in the initial design stages and during the key periods of development.

• Ismybusinessagoodfitforanapp? We will sit down and go through our Brainstorming session with you. Give us a call and we can discuss.

•WhataresomehurdlesImaybumpintowhenmakingmyapp? We are close at hand to consult you on how to avoid obstacles while making your project.


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we think. we design. we involve. we develop.

Careful thought and

planning are crucial to

success. This stage includes

project discussions, strategy

and wire-framing.

Design is not only the look,

but the overall ‘feel’ of a

product. We ensure the

design and interaction are


Here we further involve our

clients to ensure the final

product will exceed goals

from a business & user stand


This is where the aspirations

of the project move from

concept to reality. We build

and then support product