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9/27/2010 1 Northern Kentucky University Enterprise Mobile Agenda Defining “Enterprise Mobile” Industry Landscape/Strategy Mobile at NKU’s College of Informatics Q&A

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Chief Information Officer, Northern Kentucky University, Presented for The Circuit and discussed the various mobile platforms and the pros and cons of each


  • 1. 9/27/2010 Enterprise Mobile Northern Kentucky University Agenda Defining Enterprise Mobile Industry Landscape/Strategy Mobile at NKUs College of Informatics Q&A 1
  • 2. 9/27/2010 Mobile Today How did we get here? Video Credit: Sybase, Inc. (Video Credit: Sybase, Inc.) 2
  • 3. 9/27/2010 Enterprise What is a mobile device? Smart Phones Mobile Phones Laptops Tablets Net-books Rugged Devices Barcode Scanners RFID Mobile Reality 3
  • 4. 9/27/2010 The Enterprise Mobile Puzzle Enterprise Business Consumer/ Customer Mobile Productivity Infrastructure -Management -Security 1st Generation Enterprise Mobile email, calendaring, messaging and PIM Available for > ten years Approximately 85% of North American companies have deployed wireless email as an example 4
  • 5. 9/27/2010 2nd Generation Enterprise Mobile mobilize their business processes Travel & Expenses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Mobile dashboards Productivity is/was the goal 3rd Generation Enterprise Mobile Move past productivity apps Will grow from the pervasive availability of network access Will take advantage of the advanced features of the devices GPS,HD video cameras are becoming standard and are creating new application categories 5
  • 6. 9/27/2010 SAP impact on the enterprise Weregoingtoworkflowenablesmartphonesso youcanhavemeaningful,transactive interactions withyourprocesssystems,saidKeithCostello, executivevicepresidentforbusinessanalyticsat SAP Atsomepoint,CIOswillexpecttheirvendorsto providemobileaccesstransparently ROI of Mobile Solutions Internal Decrease costs Productivity 24x7 access does impact the bottom line Responsiveness to business decisions Increased Revenue/ business due to efficiencies External Increased Revenue Increased customer base Customer retention through mobile enhanced services New Products 6
  • 7. 9/27/2010 Infrastructure Architecture Mobile App INFRASTRUCTURE IS BULK OF INVESTMENT Mobile App Todays Discussion Defining Enterprise Mobile Industry Landscape/Strategy Mobile at NKUs College of Informatics Questions and Answers 7
  • 8. 9/27/2010 Enterprise Mobile Platforms iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) Android (Multiple Device Manufactures) RIM (BlackBerry Devices) WebOS (Palm Devices) Windows Phone 7 Symbian Mobi Sites Platform Independence iOS First with app store GSM technology Most available apps Strong consumer brand Stringent review process Uniformity/ease of use Single device manufacture Development Cost One carrier Cost to end user 8
  • 9. 9/27/2010 Android Open source software Ties to Google Quickly growing app store Cost to end user Multiple device Strong consumer brand manufactures Questions of uniformity Largely customizable Multiple carriers Third party app RIM Limited app availability Focus on security Single device manufacture Development cost Multiple carriers Cost to end user Business market penetration Uniformity/ease of use 9
  • 10. 9/27/2010 WebOS Limited app availability Development cost Multiple device HTML, Java, AJAX, C manufactures Cost to end user Multiple carriers Tied to struggling brand Business and consumer Impact of HP? users Windows Phone 7 Limited app availability Development cost Multiple device Cost to end user manufactures Experience in the Multiple carriers enterprise Business and consumer users 10
  • 11. 9/27/2010 Symbian Top OS worldwide Multiple device manufactures Multiple carriers Business and consumer users Development cost Cost to end user Losing market share Recently went open source via Symbian Foundation Mobi sites Available on variety of Cost to end user platforms & devices Not available without Varying compatibility/ease internet connection of use with device hardware Development cost 11
  • 12. 9/27/2010 Platform Independence Mobile web HTML5 and CSS3 More portability Lose native functions Adobe Adobe Flash Platform Flash War WebKit Produce apps & compile for any platform Dell IPAD changes everything again 120 million iOS devices Apple created an sold by September 2010 entirely new market In 80 days, Apple the third screen created a $2 billion business with the iPad 12
  • 13. 9/27/2010 Mobile Sweet Spot Social Portability Design Reliability Design Security Geo- Location Business Consumer Delta iPhone App 13
  • 14. 9/27/2010 Forecasting 2015 mobile web will surpass desktop use iOS and Android will continue to grow in market share as Windows Mobile, RIM,WebOS and Symbian decline Continued integration will take place with mobile strategy and social technologies Mobile retail growth with location technology & real-time technology The Mobile Cloud is going to accelerate the adoption of mobile technologies in businesses Todays Discussion Defining Enterprise Mobile Industry Landscape/Strategy Mobile at NKUs College of Informatics Questions and Answers 14
  • 15. 9/27/2010 Mobile/Web @ NKUs COI Full mobile lifecycle strategy and development Strategy definition and refinement Mobile project management Mobile development Mobile marketing, branding, and design Website concept, design, and implementation Social/Web 2.0 development Research Projects Mobile at NKU Mobile Learning apps (iNKU) Consumer apps San Ramon Fire Department Alerting applications (Alerts4me) Several Enterprise Apps 15
  • 16. 9/27/2010 [email protected] 16