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Download High Security Lock Products for Safety Available at Mr. Locksmith Vancouver

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Deadbolt Locks

About Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are normally used in conjunction with a door handle lock. High quality deadbolt locks, the only type Mr. Locksmith carries, will make your home or business more secure against break-ins. Most high security deadbolts are pick resistant. Even our master locksmith cannot pick them.Keyless Deadbolt Locks: Keyless deadbolt locks are either electronic or mechanical. Some models can be controlled remotely, via android or an iPhone.

Mail Box locks & keys

About Mail Box locks & keysWhen people think about break-ins they think about a front door being smashed in and all their property being stolen. People rarely consider just how vulnerable their mailbox is to crime. Protecting your mailbox is just as important as protecting your property from crime. In Vancouver, most mail is delivered into wall mounted mailboxes. These mailboxes are in open spaces with a lot of traffic passing through. Having your mailbox lock changed is a simple yet necessary way to protect yourself from crime.


About SafesU.L. Listed Fire Rated Burglary SafesThe best safes can protect your valuables against theft, fire and natural disasters. These safes can keep your valuable or irreplaceable documents and valuables safe from any kind of damage and can save you a great deal of financial loss, or heartbreak if pieces of sentimental value are lost. Sometimes its much more convenient to have your valuables instantly accessible and yet still secure. Mr. Locksmith Vancouver can offer the first Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed fire rated burglary safe. It is a unique break-in proof safe which has been thoroughly tested against fire.

High Security Locks

About High Security LocksHigh security locks are heavy duty door locks that require professional skill and tools to install. They are designed to be especially resilient to physical attacks. Furthermore, all high-security locks are pick resistant, drill resistant and bump proof. It is quick and easy to upgrade your current deadbolt to our high-security variant, and installing a high-security system is as easy as installing a regular deadbolt.

Keyless Entry Locks

About Keyless Entry Locks

The latest models of keyless entry locks, offer you a way to completely eliminate any need to carry keys with you ever again. These combination door locks will secure your door using the buttons attached, and still allow for key access should it be needed.Keyless entry locks offer you, and everyone in your family or business, a way for each person to have their own code for entry into your residence or business. If someone requires temporary entry into your home or business, you can provide them with their own code and remove it later.

Abloy Locks

About Abloy locksThis is the next generation of Abloys genius in terms of lock provision. The locks themselves are more or less similar in terms of design to the original Abloy Protec. However, they do come with some additional technical features in order to increase the security of theAbloy has maintained its pulse on new cutting edge technology with regard to security locks. However, we have maintained the tradition of key blank control, which has been extended to other providers as well. What you can be assured is the quality of our product will never go down. premises on which they are used.

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