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GUERRILLA UX TECHNIQUES Chris Bush UX Practice Lead - @wearesigma / @suthen

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Chris has developed Sigma’s services in user research, testing and user experience consulting and will be presenting some tips, tools and techniques used in iterative, guerrilla UX testing. As well as heading up Sigma’s UX practice in the UK, he is often the Lead Designer on many projects, helping to shape a project from the initial pitch, through user testing to the final release. Chris has helped to shape the user experience and online engagement strategy across a range of projects and services for Sigma customers including AstraZeneca, Citizens Advice, University of Brighton and InterContinental Hotels Group. Chris is a Human Factors International Certified Usability Analyst, an NUX Steering Group member and Invited Member of the International Liaison Group Web Standards Project (WaSP:ILG).


  • 1. GUERRILLA UX TECHNIQUES Chris Bush UX Practice Lead - @wearesigma / @suthen

2. What is User Experience (UX) and why does it matter? Why do a talk about Guerrilla UX? Getting the most from your research (How, tools, tips and techniques) TOPICS 3. WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE (UX)? a persons perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service -ISO definition 4. WHY DOES IT MATTER? People need to see value in a site/app if you want them to use it A negative experience is lasting and hard to shake off Sites/apps that are hard to use are ignored You dont know your users as well as you think you do You can help to ensure a positive UX through: Research Engagement Testing 5. WHY DO A TALK ABOUT GUERRILLA UX? 6. NUX & USER EXPERIENCE SURVEY 2013 ux-challenge-choose-right-approach-guest-blog-ian-franklin-freelance-ux-consultant user-experience-survey-report 7. USER EXPERIENCE SURVEY 2013 8. USER EXPERIENCE SURVEY 2013 Expensive - no budget Time / Resource consuming - delays development Not a primary concern - Focus on traffic acquisition 9. USER EXPERIENCE SURVEY 2013 10. COMPARING GUERRILLA & LAB TESTING 11. LAB BASED TESTING Pros: Users are often in a more informal environment (comfortable and relaxed) Great for bringing in teams together to observe users (and discuss) Help and support when defining tasks and scenarios Less likely to introduce moderator bias Detailed external provider analysis and reports More likely to use advanced data collection (Eye tracking) Cons: Can be costly Less likely to want to invest in early stage testing (Prototypes and early beta code) Less likely to perform iterative tests 12. Pros: Requires no specialist equipment - only low cost software Very portable (on location, caf, office, home) Great for early stage testing (Prototypes, etc.) Great for Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation (RITE) Minimal overhead (Time, People, Cost) Cons: Moderator or reviewer bias The team takes on responsibility for ensuring everything is organised (Users, Room, Tasks, Write up) Finding a good testing room is sometimes tricky GUERRILLA TESTING 13. GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR RESEARCH 14. Any users are better than none but aim for two rounds: 5-10 per round Aim for a good cross-section of representative users Max 30-45 minutes to complete (around 5 tasks) Create meaningful tasks word tasks as scenarios * Think aloud and retrospective think aloud Rotate tasks (ABC / BCA / CAB) Discussion guide consistency is important Use a scribe * WHERE DO I START? 15. Dont be to specific Find and fill in the customer returns form. Allow users the opportunity to decide what the most suitable solution is to the same problem After receiving your new camera you have noticed the lens is cracked. Using the site can you request a replacement. DESIGNING YOUR TASKS 16. A second set of eyes (Also helps counter bias effects) It can save you hours of review time Define a coding system to help identify themes when taking notes N Navigation S Search C Content / Information D Design T Trust and credibility Time code your notes USE A SCRIBE 17. SOFTWARE 18. SOFTWARE: SILVERBACK 19. SOFTWARE: UX RECORDER 20. SOFTWARE: POP iOS 21. MAKE YOUR RESEARCH GO FURTHER 22. BLENDED RESEARCH Interviews Surveys User testing Remote User testing 23. BLENDED RESEARCH Interviews Surveys User testing Remote User testing 24. CONCLUSIONS 25. There are a range of methods you can use You can adapt the approach to suit your needs Doesnt have to be expensive, time consuming or complex Can be a great way to get user buy in Satisfied users means a successful project! CONCLUSIONS 26. THANKS! [email protected] @wearesigma / @suthen