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Presentation for Photography and Mass Media module in my third year at university.


  • Documentary Photography By Catherine Lynn
  • What is Documentary Photography?
    • One could argue that any photographic image..that image is a document or something .
    • Portrays much more authority than other art forms
    • we know the photographer had to have been on the scene indeed this serves as a further guarantee of the images truth we are seeing what the photographer saw at the moment of exposure`
  • Bernice Abbott
    • American Photographer
    • Changing New York
    • documentary value to be inherent in the photographic process itself and present in every good photograph whose image had not been falsified by technical manipulation .
  • Bernice Abbott
  • Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother FSA
    • American Photographer (New Jersey)
    • Migrant Mother
    • Japanese Internment Camps
    • Farm Security Administration
    • these documentary photographs use certain techniques and forms to produce a desired response in the spectator
  • Dorothea Lange + Migrant Mother America Survives the Depression
  • Richard Billingham
    • Studies Fine Art at University of Sunderland
    • He photographed his father, an alcoholic, mother Liz and his younger brother Jason
    • Exposes Social Taboos in photographs
  • Richard Billingham
  • Martha Rosler
    • American Photographer
    • In Around and Afterthoughts
      • Quite Critical of Documentary Photography
      • pacifies any stirrings of conscience in its viewers the way scratching relieves an itch and reassures them about their relative wealth and social position
  • 1967-1972
  • 2004