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2. Thats a sophisticated, misleading word,and notreally clear(Interview with Walker Evans, Art in America, Leslie Katz.1971) 3. Document means evidence. It comes from the medieval termdocumentum which was a term for an official paper. Thiswould contain evidence that could not be questioned, atruthful account backed by the authority of law. 4. As a genre in photography it is associated with the samesignificance and authority.The Great Chartists Meeting onKennington Common,William Edward Kilburn. 1848.The historical significance invested a photographs statusas a truthful and objective representation of what hadhappened. 5. Photograph of Jacob Riis inThe Making of an American. 1904Jacob RiisBandits RoostFebruary 12th1888 6. Gangs of New YorkMartin Scorsese, 2002. 7. Jacob Riis, Five Cents Lodging, Bayard Street, c. 1889 8. Jacob Riis, Peddler. 1890 9. Lewis HinePoor home. New York City tenementLewis Hine, Woman washing clothes. 1909-12Lewis Hine 10. Lewis Hine, Doffer Girl in New England Mill. 1909 11. Margaret Bourke-WhiteSharecroppers Home. 1937Farm Security Association.Roy Stryker 12. Dorothea Lange.Dorothea LangeMigrant Mother. 1936 13. When Dorothea took that picture,that was the ultimate. She neversurpassed it. To me it was thepicture of Farm Security. She hasall the suffering of mankind in her,but all the perseverance too. Arestraint and a strange courage.Roy Stryker