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  • By simisola saraki

  • This TV documentary is totally different from the top I want to do in my own documentary but I did learn some skills which inspired me and will also consider to use such in my own documentary to become as effectives.This documentary is about strict parents, and who they bring up their children to become a responsible child.


  • This is an established short showing the location's will used this shot to show where my documentary is taken place.

  • The shot used is a mid shot which show how they are focus and they are more likely to be a dominant in the documentary. I will perhaps used it for the range of target audience but will definitely put an age beside each audience participating.

  • The shot used is side short as well as two short. This is showing a footages of the relationship between them. I perhaps will like this skill that is the idea of using to shots in my series of documentary.

  • In my documentary i will like to do a side short with a close-up of the audience i ask question because i got inspired by the fact that the audiences name is at the side and also makes them concentrate on what is being ask that focussing on what is round them.

  • This is a long shot and a 2 shot showing a full impression of the two audience and the relationships between them. I will like to use it for my documentary because it is effectives using a lot of shots. For an example of my documentary on social network any one could say this top I brought on line site etc.

  • There is not a lot of voice over like the introduction was briefly explaining what the over documentary will be about, with a lot of visual. I like this skill because its educates audience who are watching this documentary.Where as, the sound was not used a lot just in few parts of the documentary. I like the part when the sound was still playing the voice over was in a high level than it goes to a low level. I will consider to have that because it doesn't disturb an audience speaking but creates their excitement.


  • The shot used is an established shots which show the location of the big Ben. I also like the transition on the big Ben shows how important the location is. I will consider using the black and white in my documentary if any audience want to refer to their flash back.

  • I like the font it is nice and clear. The animation for the font is really good perhaps I could use it for the title of my own documentary.

  • The sound is really effective because the sounds change to different instrument which associates with what the people are doing in the documentary I may consider that in my documentary, perhaps putting that in my title at the beginning.

  • About the documentary Traffic Cops shows what is involved in the day-to-day role of a traffic officer and the incidents they come across. Motorway Cops has proven to be one of the most watched series on UK television with 7.1 million viewers - WikipediaPurpose This programme focus on police patrolling motorways. Summary This is a TV documentary about traffic officers from various British police forcesMade by Production company - BBCWhen made 18th March 2003 OngoingPresenter Jamie Theakston

  • Why I print screened this image? Effective How it inspired me How I want to use it in our documentary? Where would I use it Why would I use it What would I have to do to use it How I will interpret it as my own What happens in this footages?Why I found it effective?Where would I imply this in our documentary?What would mine be about

  • Establishing Shot Where the documentary is based Why I want to use it Develops and practise my skills and make it my own Panning Shot What effect will it bring Why I want to use it Why did I like it so much

  • Why I print screened this image? Effective How it inspired me How I want to use it in our documentary? Where would I use it Why would I use it What would I have to do to use it How I will interpret it as my own Why I specifically liked this

  • Made By Michael MannJon PetersJames LassiterPaul ArdaiiA.Kitman HoWhen Made11/12/2001

  • I really found this so effective and would like to add this into my documentary Deep focus and the shallow focusWhy I liked it Where and how would I use it in my documentary

  • How these link Where and why I want to use it in my documentary

  • TV and Film Documentary Difyajancy Balamurali

  • Tom Daley: The Diver and His Dad broadcasted: BBC One, 10:35pm Tue, 12th Oct 2010 and then on Wed,13th Oct 2010 at 11:25pm and the series ending on the 24th Oct.Duration 60 minutesDirector: Jane Treays The film follows Tom during 2010, an exceptionally challenging year for the youngster, as he defends his World, European and British Championship titles and sits nine GCSEs at Plymouth College.

  • Voiceovers to introduce the show, and throughout the programme help engage an audience whilst looking at what it relates to.No two people interviews, so each person are just explaining

    The boy is a bit blurry so that the audience can focus on the picture on the backgroundProps used on the background relates to the main focus

  • Quick shots show the different places in the location the documentary is set this allows the audience to become familiar with the locationMid shot of the establishes the relationship between the characters

  • Voiceover while the dad explains Toms movement, it helps the audience to get a clear view of what is been said.

  • Filming while moving shows their point of view and establishes the location.

  • The War On Democracy

    Directed by: John Pilger

  • The director informing the audience about the documentary and why they should watch it.

  • The title has been zoomed in so it can have a better effect on the audience. Its standing out.

  • Blackouts was used when to switch it to the next topic, it helps the audience to be clearEstablishing shot is used for comparison of the richer and the poorer

  • Translated so that the audience can understand what is been said. Range of camera angles used to show different point of view Used visuals to show a clear meaning of what is been said

  • The documentary uses lot of effective transition camera effects.

    A dollar note zooming out while the wasteland on the main focus gives a better effect of comparison between north and south America

  • Long shot of the location with lots of people on the background have been shown to let the audience know about the location and then mid shot of the narrator is been shown to inform that she is the main focus.