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This is a power point presentation outlining my research into different types of documentaries.


  • 1. ByZoe Woodbridge


  • Kerry and Me, What Katie did next, Peter Andre: The next chapter
  • Usually follow the day to day life of a celebrity, or more commonly, a celebrity couple
  • Gives the audience an insight into the celebrity life
  • Reported by a presenter who interviews the celebrities and does voice-overs
  • In this way the audiences opinion is greatly influenced to either sympathise with or resent certain aspects of the celebrity lifestyle
  • The audiences are typically young adults and teenagers with a particular interest in up to date celebrity news

3. 4.

  • How children are treated and the care they receive from the celebrity
  • Divorces and how they are handled by both members of the relationship
  • Ethical issues of work/ money
  • The life of a celebrity, charity work, social conflicts, daily routine, conflicts within the family, the hardships of celebrity life, interviews on news stories about the celebrities
  • Generally between 30 minutes to an hour
  • Popularity
  • Some documentaries are series in the life of couples or a celebrity
  • Other documentaries can branch off of these such as Brooke knows best following the success of her fathers documentary TV series Hogan knows best or Katie and Peter becoming two separate documentaries after their split


  • Supersize me, Borat and Bruno (these are mockumentaries)
  • The audience of documentaries is largely dependant on the content
  • Material studied can include up to date issues such as weight but also issues of religion and other cultural aspects
  • Again popularity of these is largely dependant on the topic discussed which, as mentioned before can vary greatly


  • They offer the audience a different way of viewing a documentary which some may find more engaging however they still follow the conventions of documentary rather than film
  • The presenter often talks to the camera before undergoing their own journey to discover more about a given topic
  • The length of these is roughly the same as a normal film such as Supersize Me


  • Often slightly older audiences that are interested in current affairs
  • Current affairs are studied often using undercover cameras in order to reveal the true workings of associations
  • To reveal the negative aspects of associations of which society places some form of trust such as restaurants, social services or taxes
  • Undercover social worker after the baby P incident.
  • How the banks won after the recession crisis
  • Typically between 30 minutes and an hour long


  • The length of mockumentaries varies much more than documentaries of other genres as they can be documentaries presented as films or series
  • They include material that is often involved in current news or society such as Bruno making fun of the on going celebrity world or The Office making fun of the stereotypical office man
  • Typical films of mockumentaries include Borat and Bruno series include The Office

9. 10.

  • The reason for conspiracy documentaries is to reveal a new argument to why or how an historical event occurred
  • They are typically subjective to
  • only one point of view in order to
  • persuade the audience
  • Examples of some conspiracy
  • documentaries include the 911 attacks, did man land on the moon? and area 51


  • They usually feature voice-overs of the presenters explaining their theory whilst presenting footage of evidence as well as interviews to support their claims
  • This type of documentary has a wider audience depending on the conspiracy theories featured
  • Generally between 30 minutes to an hour in length
  • 911 attack being blamed on the government along with the plane crashing into the pentagon