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The 2013 issue of (dis)ability addresses career-related issues unique to students and recent grads with disabilities.


  • Living with a rare iLLnessConquering invisible disabilities Can be amongst the greatest Challenges, but its possible!

    ParaLymPian Josh vander vies | adventurer sPencer west

    FaLL 2013

  • Fall 2013 | JoBpostings.Ca

    Feature19 Living with a rare iLLness Rare diseases affect over 300 million people worldwide, but there is still a stigma around unknown conditions. We examine the difficulties associated with having a rare disease and shed light on this shadowed kind of disability.

    the Front Pages06 success stories Nicola Chivers, HR analyst at TD Bank Group, talks ideas and enthusiasm to fulfil your goals.

    08 getting outta here Going abroad is certainly more of a chal-lenge for people with disabilities, but with organization, research, and motivation, anything is possible.

    10 the home advantage The Canadian government is investing time and money into programs for all people. Find out how you can benefit!

    insPiration12 water doLLar disaBiLity Mountain climber Spencer West was born with sacral genesis but doesnt let it stop him. Read on to hear his incredible tale of scaling Kilimanjaro to raise funds for water in Africa.

    16 reaching your PotentiaL Born without arms and legs, Josh Vander Vies has become an inspirational figure, playing boccia for the Canadian national team, triumphing over his disability in every aspect of his life.


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  • JoBpostings.Ca | Fall 2013

    THE FRONT PAGES ad indeX


    indeXPuBLisher nathan laurie [email protected]

    associate PuBLisher mark laurie [email protected]

    communications and ProJect manager david tal [email protected] @davidtalWrites

    editor James miChael mCdonald [email protected] @mcjamdonald

    art director anthony Capano [email protected]

    deveLoPer mishraz ahmad bhounr [email protected]

    contriButors kate aenlle, angelina attisano, Jamie bertolini, lauren della vedova, nailah king, hillary di menna, laura eley, kyle reynolds, megan santos, sam Weltman

    nationaL account manager mary vanderpas

    education account manager shannon traCey

    Brand amBassador bernie [email protected] @careerunicorn

    photos from istockphoto.com are used throughout this issue; individual artists have been credited.

    masthead contactwhoshiringiFc td bank Financial group02 FintraC07 imperial oil

    07 export development Canada11 Canadian pacificoBc the home depot

    schooLindeX18 humber, the school of business, Continuing education

    generaLads03 neads 05 awake Chocolate15 Canadas luckiest student23 Career edge24 scholarships CanadaibC insurance institute of Canada


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    Jobpostings publishes its (dis)ability issue annually. it is distributed to over 105 universities and colleges in Canada. Contents of this publication are protected by copyright and may not be reprinted in whole or part without permission of the publishers.

    success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. booker t. Washington

  • DisabilityAwards.ca

    Canadas portal to awardsand scholarships for

    students with disabilities

  • JoBpostings.Ca | Fall 2013

    THE FRONT PAGES editors note

    We all face challenges. There are plenty of typical obstacles: getting good grades, finding the right job, dealing with difficult coworkers, even making the perfect omelette! Unfortunately, some of us have more challenges than others, daily struggles to overcome.

    Growing up with a disability isnt easy. Simple tasks that able-bodied people overlook can be a constant burden for people with disabilities. These troubles, big or small, can give us reason to hesitate and limit ourselves. Because of this, many people with disabilities are only using a small portion of their po-tential.

    The reason behind this issue is to motivate you to do more and to show you that nothing is impossi-ble. Struggles, for the able-bodied or for people with disabilities, give each person a unique perspective on the world and the chance to rise above their challenges using their own experience and abilities.

    In the pages to follow, we speak to a number of incredible indi-viduals with disabilities that have achieved greatness, pushing past their obstacles to compete in the Paralympics, travel the world, and even climb Mount Kiliman-jaro. We look at rare diseases in an attempt to shed light on an often overlooked kind of disabil-ity. Weve also included informa-

    Push your Limits

    tion on financial opportunities for people with disabilities to ensure everyone has a fair shot at a stable future.

    Although the people interviewed have gone on to do amazing things and live fulfilling lives, we believe everyone has the ability for greatness; sometimes we just need the inspiration to bring it

    out. Hopefully this issue provides you with the needed boost to push your limits and conquer your own Kilimanjaro.

    From the desk of James Michael McDonald


  • JoBpostings.Ca | Fall 2013

    success storiesWondering how to get to the top? read on to find out how this young

    professional is succeeding in the business world.

    What drew you to HR within the financial services industry?The HR program at York University caught my interest for many reasons: the courses aligned well with my per-sonality, and there was an abundance of specialization avenues, but with a defined career and certification path.

    How did you find your current position?I joined TD as part of an Ability Edge Internship (Career Edge Organiza-tion) in which I completed several ro-tational assignments across Corporate HR. I was initially offered a contract position with the Learning Technol-ogy team, which I gladly accepted. Several months later, I was invited to join the Talent Management team in a permanent position as a Specialized HR Analyst.

    Tell us a bit about your responsibilities.My duties have evolved dramatically

    as I joined the team in the middle of an ongoing implementation project. Initially, the focus was to deliver, pro-mote, and transition knowledge from our testing team to the frontline users and long-term support team. Recent-ly, Ive been working with business leaders to provide analytic measures of success, challenge, and opportu-nity.

    Whats the most challenging aspect of your position?Managing expectations and staying on track. In a large corporate environ-ment, the stream of emails is constant and it is a challenge to determine and communicate which requests align to the teams objectives, and to balance my ability to provide assistance with my capacity to do so.

    What is the most rewarding part of your job?Resolving problems, whether that in-volves sharing technical knowledge,

    troubleshooting computer issues, or delivering solutions to business part-ners through more formal project work.

    What do you think it takes to be successful in this career?Passion for learning combined with do-it-yourself enthusiasm and undy-ing persistence. When given a task, always do some background research before going back with questions. This keeps you informed and your manager will appreciate the higher-level questions and the ideas you can now contribute.

    Any future career aspirations?My ideal position would involve idea generation. I excel at brainstorming and enjoy the challenge of analyzing a tricky situation and offering poten-tial game-changing solutions. Id also like to be a mentor, offering insight to inspire, influence, and shape perspec-tives of newer employees.

    Any advice you have for students looking to land their first job?Enthusiasm is your greatest asset; al-ways focus on possibilities, not road-blocks. If your brain is focused on the reasons it wont work, it doesnt think of ways it could. Know what makes you unique, infuse this trait into your elevator speech and use it to articu-late your worth when asked Why should we hire you?

    nicoLa chiverscomPany: td bank group

    Position: hr analyst

    emPLoyed: 2 years

    degree: honours in bachelor of human resources management


    THE FRONT PAGES suCCess stories

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